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By Wendy Reid Crisp, NABBW member, Editor-in-Chief of GRAND magazine, and author of “When I Grow Up I Want To Be 60” Our dog has died. Returning from a short trip, we drove up to the house, to be greeted only by our border collie, Frank. “Where\’s Viola?” I asked, and my husband said she\’d […]

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It\’s a Dog\’s Life Insurance

By Wendy Reid Crisp Editor in chief, GRAND magazine Frank is the only member of our family with health insurance. A two-year-old McNab mix we acquired at the Humane Society, Frank is entering his second month of free medical insurance, part of the adoption package. After this month, we will pay $9 a month to, […]

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Reassessing the Postponed Life

By Wendy Reid Crisp Editor in chief, GRAND magazine A remote branch of the maternal side of my family recently compiled a genealogy and forwarded the report to my mother and me. The first thing I noticed were the errors: sons with names similar to fathers\’ and grandfathers\’ were confused; multiple marriages were tossed into […]

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By Patty Friedmann, www.pattyfriedmann.com, for GRAND Magazine I was terrified of giving that speech for a full five months. I\’d have thought that, having spent four years at Smith College, I wouldn\’t have found the place intimidating anymore. But decades of reading alumnae news, full of Gloria Steinem, Betty Friedan, and far too many wives […]

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Help! My grandchild is using drugs!

By Susie Vanderlip for GRAND Magazine I remember when I was in eighth grade, spin the bottle was about as racy as life got. Most of my friends were having harmless flirtations and first boy­friends. No one I knew drank regularly on the weekend; no girls were providing gratuitous oral sex to the boys; no […]

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Calling all kids: Lights, camera, action!

Acting and film-making schools can give your grandchild poise and confidencey By Mary Ann Cooper for GRAND Magazine You may be a proud grand who thinks your grandchild “oughta be in pictures,” because you see that same teen or preteen flourishing in the spotlight. If so, you might think about enrolling your grandchild in acting […]

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I Am My Mother?s Daughter After All

Written by  Barbara Ifshin for GRAND Magazine Like most early Boomers, I have spent my entire life not wanting to be my mother.  It\’s not that my mother wasn\’t a nice person, she was. It\’s just that her life represented a dead end to me. It was everything I didn\’t want. So I ran as fast as I […]

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Boost Your Grandchild\’s Reading Power!

Written by Roberta Sandler for GRAND Magazine Grandparents have unique opportunities to help kids develop lifelong learning skills. Reading well is at the heart of all learning, and according to the U.S. Department of Education, children who can\’t read well, can\’t learn. As a grandparent, you may think of yourself as a role model, mentor, […]

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The house is quiet now. All the children have left, and I am starting the therapeutic work of picking up from the chaos. I move slowly, bone-tired yet unable to relax. I\’m putting down on the coffee table the breakable items that were moved to higher, safer ground. I\’m fluffing the sofa pillows that were […]

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