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Finding Spirit

March 12th, 2007

We freely give our hearts to them knowing from the outset that the relationship will be brief. We bring them home to satisfy our need for companionship only to discover that they have entered into the secret places in our hearts and our lives are better for the intrusion. We learn how to love them. We open our wallets and give them everything from biscuits to acupuncture. The one thing we have no idea how to do is say ‘good bye.\’ Miss Katie was a Golden Retriever who came into my life through the back door and stayed to help me when lovers broke my heart, when I was diagnosed with... Read More

Answers to Teleseminar – Get Organized with Regina Leeds

November 14th, 2006

I wish to thank all the ladies who came to my seminar last month. I am deeply sorry that my cough cut the event short before I could directly respond to your questions. Here are the answers to the first two questions that were asked. I\’ll answer the others in next month\’s column. – Can you please give us the Magic Formula one more time? The Magic Formula is simple yet powerful: 1. Eliminate 2. Categorize 3. Organize These 3 steps will enable you to organize absolutely anything from projects at work or school, to your closets, kitchen and garage. As... Read More

Get Organized: The key to mastering ANY organizing challenge using her Magic Formula!

October 24th, 2006

Other Episodes October 27, 2017 Own Your BS: The No Nonsense Guide to Addressing Your Female Head Talk Listen October 16, 2015 SPARK! –... Read More

Preparing Your Home for Fall

September 15th, 2006

The arrival of Labor Day Weekend signals the inevitable start of the busiest season of the year. It\’s a challenge to handle our life responsibilities in general. Now the kids go back to school, we are either hosting Thanksgiving or making travel arrangements to join family and friends and of course there is the end of the year frenzy involving gifts, travel and parties. An extra 5 pounds, anyone? A calm, organized, peace filled home will enable us to think more clearly about all those added responsibilities. Let me begin by asking you some questions. You may want to make some notes in a... Read More

Zen Organizer Party Planning Diary

July 1st, 2006

Recently a dear friend gifted me with a birthday party. While it was a great success, some things did not go as she planned. Doesn\’t that always happen when we have folks over? Her response, however, has been to declare that she is never going to entertain again. My suggestion is that we break the experience down and examine what elements were successful and which could have been handled differently for a better outcome. In the case of entertaining, a better outcome is one where the hostess is so relaxed she\’s enjoying her own party. Here are some questions to help you create a Zen... Read More

The Loss of a Pet

June 1st, 2006

A dear friend asked me what I would write about this month. Since I truly believe a writer is most effective when he shares from his own life experience, this month my organizing skills are focused on coping with the loss of a treasured animal companion. My wonderful golden retriever, who is acknowledged in both of my books, appears at my web site and is mentioned at all of my lectures, passed away on April 19th. Although she was 13 1⁄2 and I certainly realized Kate\’s time was limited, her vet and I believed that Miss Katie would make it to 15. Her presence, however, was requested... Read More

A Home for the Soul

May 1st, 2006

How would you like to play a little game with me? Walk outside your home, condo or apartment and take a stroll around the block. Now enter through the front door as if you have never been in this home before. What are some of the things you know instantly about the occupants of this house? My home reveals, for example, that I have pets. You simply can\’t miss my Golden Retriever\’s toys scattered about the floor…or my cranky cockatiel\’s seeds sprayed everywhere. If you think about it, every time you go to see a movie or watch a play or turn on the TV, you know a great deal... Read More

Creating Sacred Space

April 1st, 2006

Recently I conducted a seminar called Creating Sacred Space. I want to share a few tips with you.. You would be surprised how little effort it takes to instantly change the energy of your home. Are you ready? The first thing we want to do is to define ‘Sacred Space.\’ What does it mean to you? When I asked our class participants this question, they told me a Sacred Space is one where you feel safe. It\’s calm and peaceful. There is no clutter, they said, and the space ‘feels\’ different. I like all of those ideas. What would you add? Isn\’t your home meant to be a sanctuary... Read More

Travel Light

March 1st, 2006

Several years ago I was scheduled to teach a class at a spa just outside New York City. A van was to pick me and the other weekend speaker up on a street corner on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. While I was waiting, I noticed a lady getting out of a taxi hauling one of the biggest suitcases I had ever seen. In addition, she had two large weekender bags. She looked at me standing there with one small bag and we burst out laughing. “I guess I brought too much,” she said. It was the start of a great weekend and a long friendship. March is a great time to start planning your summer getaway.... Read More

Loving and Leaving the Past

February 1st, 2006

Have you ever had an idea take hold of you and suddenly you had to follow through on the impulse to take action? Well, that\’s what happened to me last Fall. I want to share some of my journey with you. Let me ask you a few questions before we begin: 1. Do you intend to leave all of your worldly possessions to your children? 2. Are you the child who has been left the possessions of a lifetime by your parents? 3. Perhaps you know someone who hasn\’t changed their décor in 20 years? Is that someone you? If you can relate to any of these scenarios, you are going to understand what... Read More