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Articles by: Kathleen Gage

Are you still singing “The Economy is Slow” Blues?

Over the last few days I have had several conversations with friends and clients about their businesses. Many are thrilled with the fact business is picking up while others immediately go into, “The economy is still slow. That\’s why my business isn\’t picking up.” For some, The Economy is Slow song may be one they […]

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An Often Overlooked Step in Information Product Development

Many experts enhance their product offerings with high quality services. Regardless of what you make available to your market, you need to take one very important step. Before you invest time, money or effort into product development make sure you understand the needs of your market. You must have enough information to address these needs. […]

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Give me your internet marketing services for free!

The more visible you become in your market, the more you will have people who assume you have an extra few minutes to address their questions – for free. If you don\’t learn how to handle this from the start, it can easily get out of control. You can end up spending more time addressing […]

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