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October 14th, 2007

What is Job Stress? Having a stressful job and experience job stress are two entirely separate things. A job which is stressful may mean that it is high intensity (such as an air traffic controller), that critical decisions have to be made (like a caseworker for social services), that long hours are involved (the 24-hour shifts of firefighters), or that quotas are set for output (a worker on a factory production line). But a well-trained worker, supported and praised by her superiors, and especially one who has a say in her own working conditions, may thoroughly enjoy her job and never feel that... Read More

The Deathbed Test

October 9th, 2007

…by Prill Boyle You wouldn\’t know it from reading People magazine, but the value of your life probably won\’t end up being measured by how much money you made or how well-known you were. A few generations down the road, it\’s likely no one will remember what you accomplished. (If you don\’t believe me, ask a group of junior high school students who Paul Newman is.) So whenever you\’re faced with a difficult choice, or simply wondering whether to head in a new direction, the best way I know to get your priorities straight is to ask yourself how you would feel... Read More

Sage Advice from a Seasoned Late Bloomer

September 12th, 2007

…by Prill Boyle Late bloomers come in several varieties. Some take up new careers. Some find love for the first time. And some discover that who they aspire to be, they in some measure already are. Former sitcom writer Amy Cohen is one of the latter; and she\’s written a wonderfully warm and witty book about, among other things, the difference between loneliness and being alone. Titled The Late Bloomer\’s Revolution (Hyperion 2007), her memoir is a must read for anyone who hopes the best is yet to come. In August, I asked Amy to write a guest post for my blog, where you... Read More


September 11th, 2007

Not Sweating the Small Stuff Small disappointments occur on a daily if not hourly basis. Bad hair days. A silent phone when a call from a new love interest was expected. The prime project at work assigned to a co-worker. A much-anticipated event cancelled. A higher than usual gas and electric bill that means no dinners out this month. A half-pound gain instead of the expected one-pound loss on the scales. Most of us feel that small sting of disappointment and then move on. But this depends on how the disappointment affects us. When how our hair turns out or our current weight is linked to our... Read More

When You are Short on Time, Make it Count!

September 10th, 2007

…by Mary Pearsall Are you exercising, but just not getting the results you think you should? Busy boomer women have limited time to fit in exercise. So, if you\’re going to spend the time, make it worth your while. Follow these tips to make your exercise count: Do Something Different Doing the same exercise over and over, day-in and day-out, is a sure way to reach a plateau. It is time to think about adding variety to your workouts, otherwise known as cross training. Cross training will: Guard against exercise boredom Help avoid over-use injuries Challenge your body to get better... Read More

No Excuses

August 7th, 2007

…by Prill Boyle Here\’s a fun game I invented-perfect for the lazy days of summer. I call it “Anything is Possible.” Try it. You\’ll be amazed at the results. The game begins by asking a simple question: What is one obstacle that might prevent someone from achieving a dream? The first time I played, I chose blindness. Then I asked myself, “What dream might a blind person be unable to pursue?” Piloting a plane is the first thing that came to mind. Fully expecting zero results, I googled “blind pilot.” I was shocked to learn that at least... Read More

From Chardonnay to Chocolate Milk

August 7th, 2007

…by Julie Clark Robinson  “Strangers are friends you haven\’t met yet.” –Peter Rosen   At the time, I thought I was doing a pretty good juggling act. Between work, marriage, our two small children, extended families, and a circle of friends that we barely had enough time to enjoy, every “ball” in the air seemed to be rotating nicely without too much fear of veering out of control. So one day when I was casually introduced to a woman named Denise, it didn\’t strike me as a terribly momentous occasion. I\’m sure I said, “Nice to meet... Read More


August 6th, 2007

What Are Life Transitions? The two most dramatic life transitions are ones we barely notice or remember-these are birth and death. Coming into this world and leaving it are events we celebrate or mourn in the lives of others, but our experience of our own birth amounts to little more than an after-the-fact look at a faded photograph and our experience of death (unless we have had a near death experience) is entirely in our imaginings. Most of the life transitions that we have to deal with are in between birth and death: starting kindergarten, graduating from high school, our first love, losing... Read More

The Power of Thinking Small

July 11th, 2007

…by Prill Boyle Most of us think of world hunger and toss our hands up in the air, just as most of us give up on our dreams before taking a single step toward them. Not Muhammad Yunus, founder of the Grameen Bank. Yunus, who aspires to eliminate world poverty and has done more to achieve that goal than almost any philanthropist alive today, won the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize last October. How is he going about achieving his dream? The same way most other successful gravity defiers do: by taking one small step after another. Specifically, Yunus gives micro-loans, most of them less than $150,... Read More

Mind Over Muscle

July 11th, 2007

…by Mary Pearsall There has been a lot of “buzz” in the exercise world in the last few years about the mind body connection in workout routines. It can seem a bit mysterious, complex or even downright quacky to some. Not to worry, it is really very straightforward. “Mind – body” very simply means that your mind and body are working together, thinking about and doing the same thing at the same time. Yes, it\’s true – in the world of the multi-tasking superwoman it may seem foreign to focus on one thing at a time. However, whether you are strength... Read More