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NABBW July 09 Associate Update

Greetings Associates!

It\’s been too long since I addressed you as a group, though Georgia and I have certainly enjoyed calls and emails with each of you. Because some of you have heard bits and pieces about the latest at the NABBW and BoomerWomenSpeak, I thought it would be nice to give all of you the whole scoop at once.

A lot continues to take place with regards to growth and let me explain why. Several months ago, I retained a Search Engine Optimization group for one year. The first couple months were spent adjusting codes, etc. within our data base to allow search engines to find us easier. But now we\’re getting to the fun stuff which according to the team, will continue to drive traffic our way, meaning more exposure for all of us.

As some of you have noticed, I\’m now using Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for social networking. My SEO team said it\’s working. To be honest, I\’ve only delved into Twitter with both feet after doing much research and reading The Twitter Book, by Tim O\’Reilly and Sarah Milstein. I recommend it. Twitter is now my second referring site, after Google, and I\’m just getting started. Facebook will be next. I have another book for that which I\’ll share if I find it worthwhile. One step at a time. I\’m making LinkedIn my last wholehearted journey, as advised. Please see the links in my signature below and make sure we\’re connected.

I\’m currently working with a third company to get my blog perfected and up and running. The blog will be a WordPress blog that sits on the NABBW site. I hope to begin blogging the second week of August. The blog is titled, The Voice of Baby Boomer Women. I intend to begin posting about the top ten trends for boomers and a few other topics. After I\’m blogging for about two months (attracting traffic) I will invite you to guest blog if you\’d like. You may blog about anything that\’s up and coming for you, or whatever you\’d like to write about to promote yourself and/or your products, etc. I\’m also creating a fun questionnaire that I\’m going to use to interview the everyday boomer women about being a member of the boomer generation. It should be fun. I want it to be the voices from our generation, not just my voice. More on that once it\’s launched.

Whenever I\’m invited to do a radio show, I encourage the host to contact our associates to also be interviewed for the show. Any time I\’m interviewed about your area of expertise, I invite the journalist to interview you. I thoroughly enjoy hearing from those of you who keep me in the loop with regards to those referrals. I know many of you have been chosen as experts on other boomer sites, and for that I\’m grateful. That\’s what this exposure is all about.

The last piece I\’m interested in sharing with you is also very exciting. I\’m currently working behind the scenes with someone who may be interested in partnering with me to create a publication which will also be excellent exposure for you and your work. Would you please be kind enough to complete the survey at this link so we can get your feedback before we send it to the membership on Friday? Thank you kindly.

As for my personal life and the typical boomer issues I\’m living with, here\’s an update:

We celebrated 30 years of marriage last week with a little get-away to St. Michael\’s for the night. It was grand.

Ross\’s office had a fire September 11th which was cause to gut his building. They\’ve finally begun reconstruction. Praise God. It\’s been a headache, but manageable. Also, Ross\’s dad has been battling Alzheimer\’s and more recently pneumonia. We\’re hoping he\’ll feel more like himself very soon.

My brother and his wife moved in with Dad because his mobility is getting worse. God love \’em. We so appreciate what they are doing and we pitch in a lot.

The kids are doing well. Our oldest son has two roommates moving out and two new ones moving in August, while our daughter is living at home making decisions about her final college year. Our youngest son\’s job is taking him to Egypt during August, and I have to add that he recently filmed an interview with Tony Bennett. Unfortunately, he asked us who he was!

How are you and your loved ones? Please share your personal and professional news with me. I always look forward to hearing from you and want to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and friendships. We hope you\’ll take a minute or two and complete our survey at this link.

Dotsie Bregel, Founder
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