Dear NABBW Members,We wanted to touch base with you regarding book and product reviews for the NABBW and to offer some insight into our process.
We have several different reviewers involved in the process and each book, CD, or product is reviewed in the order in which they are received. However, since we can only review three items in the monthly newsletter, it may take a while for your review to appear. Your patience is truly appreciated.
For 2008, we\’re considering adding a book review page to the NABBW Web site. Should we do this, all reviews would be included on the site in addition to being posted in our newsletter. We will inform you of this decision in January. Exciting, isn\’t it?

As stated above, we appreciate your patience with the process, and will keep you informed of any changes.
Dotsie Bregel, Founder
The National Association of Baby Boomer Women (NABBW)
Boomer Women Speak?

NABBW Contributing Author