Boomer Women's World Newsletter August 2006

Dear Dotsie,

NABBW has members from 40 states – plus Canada, New Zealand and England!

Everyone has been placed in your life to teach you something. Figure out what it is and keep learning from them.

I continue to be amazed at the gifts and talents of our NABBW members.
In an effort to allow you to get to know one another better, I am
trying my best to feature more members, review more books and products,
and introduce you to the cream of the crop from our generation of
women. Thanks to all of you who show interest in the association, use
your benefits, and work hard sharing yourselves with me. It is my
pleasure to do all that I can to promote you in this newsletter and on
our sites. I hope you use this newsletter to network and learn as much
as you can about what Baby Boomer Women are doing at Midlife.
For those of you in the Maryland area, I will be the Keynote Speaker
talking about Girlfriends and God at a fun event scheduled for
September 9th and 10th.

You’re NEVER too old for a PJ PARTY!

Sat. Sept. 9th thru Sun. Sept. 10th
$159 per person ($50 deposit holds your pillow space)
O’Dwyer Retreat House, Sparks

A day & night to empower yourself with relaxation, rejuvenation, inspiration, reflection
~ shopping ~ speakers ~ goody bags ~ massages ~ slipper parade ~ Mass ~ chocolate!

Please contact me at dots@boomerwomenspeak.com if you are interested in attending.

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I hope you will grab a cold drink, sit back, and enjoy reading this
issue that contains all topics of interest to Baby Boomer women.

Onward with grace,



Personal Best Fitness and Wellness Coaching

I am happy to share that one of our members jumped in with both feet
and she happens to be a fitness expert. Mary showed great interest in
educating us about midlife fitness so I chose to make her an associate.
Please visit her site and look for her first article in Boomer Women’s
World next month.

Coaching Philosophy: Mary’s philosophy and mission is to support,
educate, and motivate her clients to achieve their health and fitness
goals and to make exercise a part of their life forever. She works with
beginning exercisers, those who have been exercising but not getting
the results they want, or those that just need a boost in their

Her program employs a unique accountability system that utilizes
behavioral tools and concrete state of the art motivational activity
monitors that track calorie expenditure and heart rate. These tools
serve as 24/7 “personal trainers” that help her clients stay on track
and motivates them to get going and keep going.

Mary has had great success with busy professional and businesswomen who
feel they have no place in their lives to “fit” exercise. Her program
works very well for them because it is flexible and tailored to their
lifestyle, schedule and level of fitness. Oftentimes busy women have
stopped and started exercise programs over and over again and want to
learn how to stay on a program for the rest of their lives. She gives
them the tools, education and support to do just that.

The majority of Mary’s clients are long distance so don’t let the fact
that she doesn’t live next door get in the way! Every NABBW member who
inquires will receive a complimentary consultation, a free “Fitness
Tips Booklet” and 10% off the total price of packages Mary offers.


REFER A FRIEND for NABBW MEMBERSHIP and receive a FREE copy of the BABY BOOMER’S ALMANAC, by Tim Brolus

I continue to witness women encouraging women in our Virtual Village
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Won’t you join us? The sixty-plus forums connect, encourage and support
baby boomer women at all stages of life!

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articles will continue to be written by NABBW Associates only. This is
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  • All articles should be submitted as WORD
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  • ONE article per month may be submitted.
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NABBW is now offering member discounts at www.1800flowers.com and

Lorraine Calhoun


Lorraine is offering a free e-book, 7 Steps To Go From Frazzled to
Fabulous: The Secret Life of the Serene Baby Boomer Women for NABBW

Cathy Taylor

It's a shame for you to suffer through Menopause symptoms when you
really don't have to. Her eBook took more than 1,000 hours of research,
writing and editing – but now YOU can benefit tremendously from it.
Discover the natural, secret solutions to living comfortably during
your mid-life transition. Cathy offers 20% off her ebook to all NABBW


Natalie Caine


Looking around the summer corner, towards the college launch, I imagine
your hearts are beating faster and your hands want to grab your little
ones who are no longer little.

Separation is change. Change is scary even when it is for a joyous
ride. You have done a good job raising your children or they wouldn’t
be leaving. Everyone is feeling the build up towards their new life and
new roles. Excitement and anxiety partner each other during this change.

What can you do?

1. Breathe. I know that sounds trite, but research
says it is the best way to handle chaos, fears, and loss. Stick out
your stomach and breathe no matter where you are – 7 counts. No one is
watching you, so let it out.

2. Find someone to listen to you. Journal in the
morning or evening to connect with your feelings. Not to simply dump
but to see all sides of your thoughts and feelings. What’s a new way to
look at your thoughts, ex. I just don’t know what I will do without her
here – I will cry and discover what I need now. First let your feelings
and thoughts come on the paper. Go back and add a different perception.

3. Plan something for you after you say goodbye and
come home to that vacant room – a massage, a walk with a friend, a meal
out, flowers for your room and a candle , a good book to get lost in,
videos. Plan something ahead. It won’t take away missing them but it
will give you a little comfort. Ok, you can have that popcorn in bed!

4. Your daughter or son will be learning time
management, making new friends, navigating the campus and classes .You
want them to take the leap with out you checking in on them. They are
dealing with their physical, emotional, academic, and social needs. You
too will be caring for yourself. It is ok to remind yourself they will
make mistakes. Scraped knees ,heal. when they call home lonely or angry
or sad. You are the listener and then the mentor who says, I am so
sorry you had a bad day. What do you think you can do? Truth is, most
kids call, vent, and then go out. You are stuck with the worry and
sleepless night. If they really are injured or sick, you will hear
about it. Take care of you.

5. No matter if you have busy lives or not, it is
normal to miss your precious one. Take baby steps to re-envision your
life and begin the journey of discovering what you want and need. Write
your dream list of to do’s.

6. Most families make changes but not quickly. Patience and gentleness.

7. Key questions to talk about or write: Where am I
in my life? What do I need? Where am I headed? Where are my partner and
I headed?

AN IDEA FOR YOU: Tuck love notes, hopes, pride, memories in your
daughter or son’s suitcases that they will find under their t-shirts,
towels, etc. A surprise in the suitcase!
Ask them if they want help in choosing photos to take with them.

Begin a journal for you. Go and buy one and begin. She, He, leaves tomorrow and I –

Talk to your partner about what you can do when you get home and the
house is silent – brainstorm ideas. My friend and her partner went to a
hotel downtown in their home. Another went to a B and B in the college
town to let go and be cared for with clean sheets and good food and
walks outside. Plan something.

You are headed on a joyous and challenging adventure of new roles as
parents. Freedom you never imagined gives you fulfillment and happiness
in time. One single woman listed her home for house exchanges and has
traveled without a dip in the piggy bank. A dad took a back Packing
trip to Alaska organized from the store REI.

Call me to come and speak to your groups at a discounted rate:
Girlfriends Night Out; Book Club, Hiking Group, Church Groups, Knitting
Circle, etc.
Let me know what you need and how I can support your changes.

Send in your stories to share with others and get support from the comments they write you.
Email: natalie@emptynestsupport.com
Ask me if there is a group in your area or how to start one for you.


Marcia Merrill


Marcia is known as the Transition Chick. I am a career & life
transitions coach with over 18 years of experience helping people who
are in exactly your position. The focus of my professional life has
been helping people in various states of change – be it a new job, a
promotion, Retirement planning, or just Moving onto or planning for the
"next phase" in your life, I can help take you to the next level!

As a Certified Career Management Coach & a Certified Job &
Career Transitions Coach my goal is to help you design and implement
strategies to get you to a point in your life where you are confident,
fulfilled & ready to seize & live your life – rather than
wander through it.

Marica is an author in a compilation of women writers on
personal/professional/spiritual development-"Inspiration to
Realization", Vol. 3 (Aug. 2006). My chapter is on The Transition Cycle
& Navigating it Successfully! My specialty is helping midlife women
in Life/Career Transitions turn midlife into the RIGHT Life! 25%
special discount on all my coaching services for all NABBW members.
Visit me & sign up to get my FREE e-book on "5 Secrets to
Career/Life Triumphs!"

Jennifer Kalita


The Entrepreneurial Boomer Woman: How to Start & Stay in Business
Please see your Member Benefit page if you missed the teleseminar. There is a link so you can visit at your convenience.


Dr. Karen Stephen


Mental and Emotional Health In Midlife Years
Tuesday, August 22, 2006
7:00pm EST

Dr. Karen Stephen promises to give you basic information and simple
recommendations regarding your mental and emotional health in your
midlife years.

Karen has devoted her professional life to taking the psychobabble out
of psychotherapy. Choosing straight talk over straight jackets, she has
brought hope and healing to thousands of clients over her thirty-seven
year career as a licensed clinical psychologist. For the past 15 years
she has been with the nation’s largest HMO, specializing in women’s
midlife issues and the treatment of personality disorders. On her
fun-filled website, Doctor Flamingo Online, Karen provides midlife
women everywhere with support and the proper tools to accommodate
health changes, deal with addicted children, rear grandchildren, battle
codependency, embrace living alone, and overcome life-long emotional

Karen, who is also the Mental Health Advisor for NABBW, will talk about
the top four reasons why women in their midlife years seek
psychological help. She will give you information about when and where
to seek professional help for the mental and emotional problems in your
own lives or in the lives of family members. She will present five
simple guidelines to increase your emotional well being regardless of
the stressors in your life.


We are happy to review member’s books, products and services. This is a
service that is FREE of CHARGE to NABBW members. Please email us if you
are interested in seeing a review of your book, product, or service.

Bertha-size Your Life
Jane Carroll
Review by Georgia Richardson, Queen Jaw Jaw

If I used one word to describe this book it would be, F-U-N. But then
again, there’s another; “revelations.” And yet another; “perspective.”
My list goes on and on. I enjoyed this read so much that I finished in
two days.

Jane Carroll opens her story with the “Empty Nest” blues as her last
child leaves via the altar, but she quickly turns the theme around into
a wonderful adventure of enlightenment, encouragement, and self-love.
One that helps the reader in sorting out the past, the present, and the
next fifty years. She shows us how to really live. That’s life – with a
capital “L.”

As the story begins, she’s jogging in the park and meets a woman named
Bertha. After friendly exchanges, the two decide the role of room-mates
fits them well. As soon as Bertha moves in, life changes and might I
say, all for the better. It truly gives new meaning to the phrase,
“When the student is ready, – ” Bertha’s lifestyle is all about taking
time to smell the roses, literally on some days. She’s offers how life
is meant to be embraced, cherish, lived in the “now”, and how drifting
is not an option. There’s no room for “woe is me” in this book.

Each day (and Chapter) begins with a new adventure, and a flashy new
Wardrobe, I might add, by the simple question being asked, “Bertha,
what are you doing?” I quickly learned that once these lines were read,
Bertha would emerge; sometimes climbing on her soapbox and delivering
“aha” moments, and other times using life-altering analogies coated
with wisdom that couldn’t be denied, no matter how far one’s head is
buried in the sand.

While each Bertha-sized adventure was fun, this book gives the reader
much more than chuckles. In the end, you fully understand. It’s like
Bertha says, nothing is more important than feeling good about me, and
it’s okay to ask for help when you need it. Bertha helps you to connect
with your inner child AND spirit, once again. She teaches us that
letting go of some impossible situations, or people, is okay, and that
fitting everyone into your life is not mandatory. Even complete
acceptance of some situations can be a form of letting go. Another
lesson; it’s okay to distance yourself from concerns to gain a better
perspective, even if this involves taking a day off work, wearing a
silly hat and hitting the beach. Entitlement; it’s a good thing.

Just who is this Bertha? She’s you, me, and every other woman you’ve
known who needs to “listen” to her own voice and make the world be

Her mantra? Be as nice to yourself as you are to others.

In my opinion, a great place to start would be by reading, Bertha-size Your Life!

Young at Heart (Boomer Humor) a collection of Cascade Greeting Cards
Tracy Taravade


Reviewed by Georgia Richardson, Queen Jaw Jaw

How many times have you visited the card store to find that special
“girlfriend” card? Maybe you needed to tell her to hang in there, or
Bon Voyage, or you simply wanted to say, “I’m glad we’re friends.” You
read and you wait for just the right card to speak to you. Nothing. You
read more, nada. As you pull out one after the other they all fall into
three categories. Sappy, too happy/goofy, or they’re insulting. Because
you need a card, you end up taking the lesser of the three evils.

Not any more. Want simple cards that help to say what’s in a Boomer’s
heart? One that says “I heard you honey, and I’m there for you.” Or
maybe one that says, “We Boomers don’t have wrinkles, we have laugh
lines!” Cards that help you express to your best friend that we’re
going to laugh at life and make it! Finally someone has come along and
given us a choice.

Tracy Taravade surveyed what was out there in the greeting card line
and said, “I can do better.” Guess what? She did. At Cascade Greetings,
her line of cards is called “Young at Heart” and each one speaks
directly to Boomer women everywhere. They are uplifting, energetic, and
just plain fun. You won’t find anything depressing with the Young at
Heart collection. Just a celebration of life. Cards that show baby
boomer women living life to the fullest, enjoying their journey, and
embracing every step of the way.

Now we need a card to tell Tracy – thank you for listening!


What is CCRC?
By Jan Cullinane

If you’re looking to make only one move that will provide for whatever
care needs may develop, a CCRC (Continuing Care Retirement Community)
may fit the bill. A CCRC offers a continuum of care and allows you to
“age in place” – you can transition from independent living to assisted
living to nursing care (some accommodate Alzheimer’s residents), all
within the same facility or on the same “campus.” A variety of housing
options is usually available, and there is often a community dining
area. If your goal is to remain in the same geographic area, the
sizable number of these facilities throughout the country may enable
you to stay close to your present location, yet receive the help you
need. Or, if you decide to relocate, you’ll have the peace of mind of
knowing you won’t have to move again.

Continue reading at this link: http://www.nabbw.com/columns/jancullinane.html

Menopause and Irritability – All You Need to Know

By Cathy Taylor

Many women in the stages of pre- menopause and menopause feel depressed
and irritable. Some researchers believe that the decrease in estrogen
triggers changes in the brain, causing depression. Others think that
supplementary symptoms you are having, such as sleep problems, hot
flashes, night sweats and fatigue are the causes of these feelings.
Alternatively, it could be a blend of hormonal changes and symptoms.
However, these symptoms can also be caused due to reasons unrelated to
menopause, though menopause is the main cause of these symptoms in a
woman. Mood changes and irritability may also be more common in women
who have had difficulty with PMS.

Continue reading at this link: http://www.nabbw.com/columns/cathytaylor.html

How to Make – And Keep – Your Memories

By Barbara Friesner

As a Generational Coach and because of the my mother’s dementia, I’m
often asked by people who are concerned about their “intellectual
pauses” if there’s anything they can do to remember more, longer, and
make their memories easier to access.

Please know that I’m not a “brain specialist”. Nothing written here
should imply a diagnosis or a way to prevent Alzheimers or any of the
dozen or so other types of dementia. However, based on information I’ve
learned through research, personal observation and experience, I say

Continue reading at this link: http://www.nabbw.com/columns/barbarafriesner.html

5 Free Things You Can Do to Jump Start Your PR Today

By Jennifer Kalita

You’re a woman in business which, by definition, means you’re one
clever time and resource manager. You can balance the books, walk 3
miles a day, and volunteer at the blood bank in a single bound. And all
while running a business.

Continue reading at this link: http://www.nabbw.com/columns/jenniferkalita.html

Zen Organizer Party Planning Diary

By Regina Leeds

Recently a dear friend gifted me with a birthday party. While it was a
great success, some things did not go as she planned. Doesn’t that
always happen when we have folks over? Her response, however, has been
to declare that she is never going to entertain again. My suggestion is
that we break the experience down and examine what elements were
successful and which could have been handled differently for a better
outcome. In the case of entertaining, a better outcome is one where the
hostess is so relaxed she’s enjoying her own party.

Continue reading at this link: http://www.nabbw.com/columns/reginaleeds.html

No Time Like The Present

By Prill Boyle

When we pursue a dream, our spirits wake up. But as our hearts begin to
soar and we head off to whatever destination we've chosen, it’s vital
to remember that what’s most important in our lives is not in the
future. It’s here and now. Jim McKennan knows this all too well. On
June 1st he was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor—a complete
surprise for an active and seemingly healthy man who is the father of
four school-age children. The odds are not in his favor. But as dire as
his situation is, much good has already come from it. His family and
friends have rallied around him. “Team Jim,” they’ve dubbed themselves.

Continue reading at this link: http://www.nabbw.com/columns/ prillboyle.html

What Do I Want to Be When I Grow Up?

By Natalie Caine

I am an empty nester who loves being a mom. I don’t love my career
anymore, and now I have to figure out “What do I want to be when I grow
up? Coping with the quiet house and no fussing over meals, and no more
soccer games is a big hole for me. That is just part of the darkness. I
was on committees at her school and did morning car pool when she was

Continue reading at this link: http://www.nabbw.com/columns/nataliecaine.html

Commercial Leasing From the Landlord’s Perspective

By Patricia McHugh Lambert

The terms of the lease will bind the parties for a considerable period
of time and it is important, therefore, to carefully draft the lease up
front. Also, often times, when the lease term is coming to an end and
the parties want to negotiate an extension of the lease term, landlords
are tempted to just amend the lease time and time again to extend the
term. Certainly that is the quickest method to keep the lease going,
but after a series of amendments, the underlying (original lease) may
be 10 years or older. It may well be time to engage counsel, reevaluate
the lease, and be sure it meets current-day standards and addresses
issues that simply were not thought of those 10 years ago.

Continue reading at this link: http://www.nabbw.com/columns/ patlambert.html

It's Not About Time

By Nan S. Russell

With mounting to-do lists, big projects with short delivery dates,
consuming workloads, growing obligations and festering unfinished
tasks, it's no wonder in this what- have- you- done- for- me- today world we
often feel time deprived. Work-life flows to home-life, balance becomes
imbalance, and goals and dreams get relegated to a closet shelf. If
this sounds familiar, you're not alone. In a recent "Winning at
Working" reader survey, the most commonly articulated work problem was
related to time. Overwhelmed. Overworked. Overstressed. Too much to do
and too little time to do it.

Continue reading at this link: https://nabbw.com/columns/ nanrussell.html

Wail On, Dear Locusts

By Julie Clark Robinson

“Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass on a summer
day listening to the murmur of water, or watching the clouds float
across the sky, is hardly a waste of time.” –John Lubbock
To normal people, a locust’s cry probably goes unnoticed. It doesn’t
consistently chat like the cricket does – a regular rhythm of chirp,
chirp, chirp. It doesn’t entertain with a sporadic song like a bird
does. To a normal person, a locust is that big bug that sheds its skin
and freaks you out if you cross its abandoned path.

Continue reading at this link: http://www.nabbw.com/columns/ julierobinson.html

That's Not My Job

By Georgia Richardson

For over twenty years, I worked in a job that held a service contract
with the Government. In other words, when they said, “Jump” we
responded with, “How high?” The thought never entered anyone’s mind to
say, “That’s not my job.” I also believe that for the most part, these
same work ethics were the norm across the board in just about any
store, restaurant, or other places of business during those years.

Continue reading at this link: https://nabbw.com/columns/ georgiarichardson.html

Rescue Me

By Donna Shepherd

“Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will
fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they
comfort me.” – Psalm 23:4 (NIV)
As a little girl, I had nightmares, vivid dreams so disturbing I can
remember them to this day. On more than one occasion, I’d climb out of
bed, and sleepwalk and talk trying my best to rid myself of the images
playing in my head. My mother would hear me bumping and stumbling
around in my room and she’d come to my rescue. Usually when she turned
on the light, I’d wake up. But a couple of times, I didn’t believe she
really stood there. I didn’t recognize her. Only her persistent voice
saying, “Donna, it’s me. I’m right here” awakened me and gave me

Continue reading at this link: https://nabbw.com/columns/donnashepherd.html

Making the Most of "Mistakes"

By Judith Sherven, Ph.D. & James Sniechowski, Ph.D.

It's so easy to feel embarrassed and humiliated by the dumb stuff we
all do. You've no doubt tried to hide the evidence that would expose
you. And every one of us has lied to cover up our mishaps. But what
about turning moments that might be thought of as mistakes into part of
your intimate family history?

Continue reading at this link: https://nabbw.com/columns/judithsherven.html

Menopause: The Reality

By Karen Baar

We all have to grapple with menopause, whether we had children at 28,
at 40, or not at all, whether we worked or stayed at home, whether
we’re straight or gay. No matter. We all go through it. Still, the first symptoms of perimenopause may come as a shock, no
matter how primed we are to expect them. (A note on terminology: Hot
flashes and other symptoms are actually part of perimenopause, or the
period leading up to menopause; menopause is defined as the cessation
of menstruation.)

Continue reading at this link: http://www.nabbw.com/columns/karenbaar.html

Handy Tips to Help You Find More Time

By Suzanne Falter Barnes

Got time to read a quick essay about how to find more time? Desperately need more time but you're not sure where to find it?
First take a nice deep breath, then settle back into your chair and
read. I'm here to share some really helpful info with you that has
radically altered how I use my time. Now I not only have more time, I'm
more relaxed and when I am working, I'm a lot more focused.

Continue reading at this link: http://www.nabbw.com/columns/suzannefalter.html

Warmest greetings to our fellow Baby Boomer Women!

By Janet Horn

Or should we say, our HOTTEST greetings, given the temperatures this
summer?! (Our very first piece of advice: do not go anywhere this
summer without a bottle of water. Dehydration can sneak up on you very
quickly). We wanted to take the opportunity in our first column for this
newsletter to introduce ourselves, tell you how excited we are to be
here, and let you in on our philosophies for maintaining good health
and achieving longevity in this wonderful, though challenging, time of
our lives.

Continue reading at this link: http://www.nabbw.com/columns/hornmiller.html

Midlife for Women – A Play in Three Acts – Act II

By Karen Stephen

conditions that make overcoming the CRUMMIES (see my June 2006 NABBW
column) more difficult. They are MALTREATMENT, MALFUNCTION, MALIGNANCY,
MALPRACTICE, and MALARKEY. You probably have one or more in your life
that complicate getting and staying healthy.

Continue reading at this link: http://www.nabbw.com/columns/karenstephen.html


NABBW members who are mothers of soldiers ask that you consider helping
our troops. To learn more, click here: www.operation-helmet.org/contribute.html

Georgia Richardson

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monthly newsletter, ALL THINGS ROYAL at http:// www.queenjawjaw.com and
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Meredith Laskow

Meredith Karen Laskow is showcased in a one-woman jewelry and art show
at the Placentia (California) Library, on display through the end of
August. See her jewelry and art at www.meredithbead.com She also was
recently featured in one of the major local newspapers for her poetry.

Angela Rall


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Marcia Merrill

WANTED: I'm looking to interview midlife/boomer women who've exprienced
a transition-change in living situation,marital status, career change,
retirement, starting a business…Please contact fellow NABBW member,
Marcia Merrill, the Transition Chick at marcia@ecareercorner.com or
410-467-0811. You get a FREE recording of our interview- use on your
web site – as a sample to send to the media – Names can be changed to
protect the innocent!

Judith Sherven


NABBW Relationship Expert and best-selling author Judith Sherven, PhD
invites you, as a NABBW member, to take advantage of the free
relationship tips she created with her husband and co-author Jim
Sniechowski, PhD. Discover how to make the ordinary moments
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Laurel Kennedy


Would you like to be interviewed for a book about Baby Boomer
caregivers? Daughter Trap is an upcoming book that will champion the
cause of Baby Boomer women juggling work, career, spouse, child and
elder care commitments. The author needs to interview Boomer women in
this situation to make the book come alive. The book will incorporate
quotes from women coping with these conflicting imperatives, and
propose ways business, government agencies, local communities and
neighbors can ease the burden. All interviews will be confidential, and
all quotes will be anonymous, due to the sensitive nature of the
material. If you’re interested in participating, please contact Laurel
Kennedy at 1-888-879-0123 or email lkennedy@agelessons.com

Pam Blair


The Next Fifty Years is a guide for women at midlife and beyond, a
journal and a study guide all rolled into one. This treasure chest of
wisdom will validate your life experience while you laugh, cry and know
that you are not alone. While encouraging you to re-envision your life
for the road ahead, this book hastens the process with
thought-provoking questions and space for your responses. Complete
empowerment for women."

Raven West (pen name) Robin Cohen Westmiller


Star Publish (http://starpublish.com) announces the July 2006 release
of Blood Tastes Lousy With Scotch by Robin Cohen Westmiller. Blood
Tastes Lousy With Scotch is available in both paperback and e-book
versions, and can be purchased at your local bookstore and at online
bookstores such as Amazon.com, BN.com, and others.

Robin Cohen Westmiller is quoted as saying, “This is the true account
of the events that lead to the near destruction of our family at the
hands of my cousins, a court appointed guardian, and one of the most
powerful Elder Law attorneys in South Florida. It is a story of
determination, fortitude and of the victory, which inspired the
creation of the National Association To Stop Guardian Abuse. They say
blood is thicker than water, but you can’t bathe in it, you can’t cook
with it, and blood tastes lousy with scotch.”

A “mid-life crisis” in 2003 led her to enter the Southern California
Institute of Law, a decision, which later turned out to be fortuitous
in her fight to rescue her father from the clutches of a Florida court
appointed guardian.

Robin is the President and founder of the National
Association to Stop Guardian Abuse and a member of the Author’s Guild,
Ventura County Bar Association, and National Academy of Elder Law
Guardian abuse is the new crime of the 21st century. The National
Association to Stop Guardian Abuse was created to help victims and
their families obtain justice in an seemingly unjust political and
judicial court system.

Ginny Robertson


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Barbara Hollace


The Wise Women Workshop Series will kick off its quarterly series with
Wise Women Light the World. If you are interested in transforming your
life, then this is the place to be. For more information and
registration visit our website shown above. Hope to see you in Spokane,
Washington on August 25th.


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