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Looking for a FUN & UNIQUE Holiday Gift? We Highly Recommend the New Board Game, Boom Again!

Awesome Boomer-Focused Game Recommendation by Anne Holmes for the NABBW game box setup

What do a roller skate key, a roach clip, dog tags, a plastic 45 RPM record insert and a Students for Kennedy campaign button have in common? Well, beyond being items you’ve hardly thought about lately, perhaps they are triggers that remind you of your youth. (And if you found them in a cigar box under your childhood bed, we’re certain of that.)   

But these days, they are also tokens in an awesome new board game called Boom Again. A game that comes neatly packaged in a cigar box which gives you and your friends the opportunity to recharge your brain’s memory cells as you tackle over 2,000 questions framed in categories that all of us Boomers will certainly remember, including:

  • Things We HEARD
  • Things We SAW
  • Stuff We Learned on the STREET
  • Things We Learned SCHOOL
  • In the NEWS
  • And the SHOUT category, in which questions have multiple answers and you will be challenged to provide a certain percentage of the answers in order to score.

The game is designed to be played by two or more players, is even more awesome when played in two teams, and is designed to appeal to anyone who lived through the 50s, 60s and 70s — in other words, those of us who are aged 50 or more.

The game’s instructions suggest that if you are a part of the Baby Boom generation, you’ve already lived the answers to most of the questions. So now all you have to do is rummage through the file cabinet in your brain and pull them out — which can be more challenging than your might think. The answers will range from incredibly easy to totally tough, depending on your life experiences. So it helps to play in teams. That way, if you can’t remember one of the answers, one of your teammates will come to the rescue.

There is a lot of strategy involved in winning and we can certify that the game is a blast to play.

look at cards


If you’re looking for a great hostess gift to take to that next holiday party, we highly  recommend  BOOM AGAIN. It’d actually be a great game anytime, especially when played in teams and when drinking is also involved. (That will help curb any inhibitions when you are required to sing…)

Typical questions include: 

  • What nakedly commercial novelty song was about a fad that quickly ran throughout the early ’70s?
  • Between the Batman TV series and the original movie, three different women played Catwoman. Name two of them to score.
  • Diana Ross played Billie Holiday in Lady Sings the Blues. Name her two male co-stars from that 1972 hit film.
  • The comic strip was called Alley Oop and so was the 1960s Top 5 hit song. What was the name of the group that recorded it?
  • One woman became famous when she admitted that she was sleeping with JFK and with a famous mafioso at the same time. Name the mistress of the mobster.
  • What was the name of Richard Nixon’s secretary who claimed she accidentally erased 18.5 seconds of White House audio tape?
  • What was the classic summertime backyard toy whose very name screams “product liability”?
  • GRAMMAR QUIZ: What type of nouns should be capitalized?
  • Ads for Palmolive dishwashing soap said it was so gentle even a manicurist could use it. What was her name? What was her catch phrase?
  • I’m holding a list of six characters from POPEYE. To score, match four.
  • One-at-a-time I will read a list of HIT SONGS BY JOE COCKER. To score, you just sing any part from four of them.

Sounds like a lot of fun, right? We promise you will love this game! It’s on sale right now, at Amazon.com. So don’t wait. We recommend you order it now!

BOOM AGAIN is trademarked by Hersch Games Inc., of Los Angeles, and if your trivia skills are excellent, that name will mean something to you. Yes, BOOM AGAIN is created by Brian Hersch, the man responsible for creating so many of your favorite board games, including Taboo, Outburst, Super Scattergories, SongBurst, Oodles, and our family’s former favorite, Trivial Pursuit. In fact, he’s created over 40 games and sold over 50 million copies in partnerships with big name game publishers like Milton Bradley, Parker Brothers, Mattel and many others.


Anne Holmes NABBW’s “Boomer in Chief”

As "Boomer in Chief" of the National Association of Baby Boomer Women, Anne is passionate about educating, empowering and enriching the lives of Baby Boomer Women, as we now begin to age beyond our middle years and enthusiastically launch ourselves into life’s next stage – which most people call old age. We Boomers know aging doesn’t have to diminish us. We still have a lot to offer the world, and we continue to be ready and willing to enthusiastically participate.

Actively involved with a number of Boomer-focused organizations and committees, Anne keeps a steady finger on the pulse of this still-spirited generation, with the goal of helping us all to enjoy life, stay healthy and continue to live lives that are rich in every sense of the word. Beyond that, Anne is dedicated to helping facilitate the positive interaction between Baby Boomers and the hard-working younger generations who are readying themselves to “take the world’s reins” and continue our efforts to move society in a positive direction.

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