Tuesday - July 23, 2019

Positioning Strategies for Boomer Women

July 11th, 2007

Many boomer business owners think they\’re good at what they do, and they\’re right. The problem is that a lot of other boomer entrepreneurs are, too. Competence and even excellence are only one part of the successful entrepreneurial equation. In a crowded marketplace, how will you differentiate yourself? The short answer is positioning, which basically amounts to the perception you create among your prospects that you are the ultimate solution to their needs. You need to give as much thought and planning to how you will position yourself as you do to profit margins, as I can promise... Read More


July 11th, 2007

The house is quiet now. All the children have left, and I am starting the therapeutic work of picking up from the chaos. I move slowly, bone-tired yet unable to relax. I\’m putting down on the coffee table the breakable items that were moved to higher, safer ground. I\’m fluffing the sofa pillows that were stacked to form a fort. I\’m straightening the throw rug that was skewed from sliding feet. I\’m wiping off sticky piano keys and putting the top down. Now I go to the bedroom where the grandchildren slept. I\’m changing the sheets that were pulled up in a wrinkly... Read More

Forgiveness: A key ingredient in the Kingdom of Permanent Fat Removal

July 11th, 2007

Many of us have been known to scoff down one piece of cake, beat ourselves up, feel rotten to the core, and then have another slice of the Devil\’s food to soothe. Our fat cells multiply – our pants tighten – we feel bad (we believe ourselves to be bad) – yet we indulge in still another serving of forbidden food followed by the inevitable platterful of punishment. Results? Broken zippers; broken dreams. Holding a grudge against oneself – being unforgiving for what we perceive to be horrific dietary crimes and misdemeanors – can only impede our progress. There... Read More

Boomer Quiz

July 11th, 2007

How much do you remember about the “good old days?” Take this quiz and find out! (Answers follow quiz.) 1. What year was it? “Gunsmoke” begins a 20-year run “The Lawrence Welk Show” premieres Ray Kroc gives us McDonald\’s Walt Disney opens Disneyland 2. Whose was the first Presidential Inauguration to be televised nationwide? 2. Whose was the first Presidential Inauguration to be televised nationwide? 3. James Dean met his death in a fatal auto crash. What kind of car was he driving? 4. Which cartoon character was... Read More


July 11th, 2007

A mother told me during a telephone consultation that her daughter is a junior in high school and crying. Crying because her friends are seniors and leaving for college. She doesn\’t know if they will even be friends once they go to college. Those tears brought questions to the mom. What will I be like when my daughter leaves? I know it isn\’t for two years, but already I am dreading the empty nest. I just love her friends coming over and all the school activities my daughter and I share. I don\’t\’ care how messy the kitchen is or how I have to dash here and there.... Read More


July 11th, 2007

It\’s officially summer, and with this season comes a more relaxing pace for you (hopefully), an increased variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, water sports, beach reading, and of course more exposure to the sun. Regardless of how much is out there about sun protection, I still find the topic, and the array of products, confusing. First, what we do know. Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the United States, with over one million cases diagnosed each year. The most common type of skin cancer, squamous cell carcinoma (scc), has been proven to be caused by sun exposure so... Read More


July 11th, 2007

Recently a close friend confided that she and her husband were having financial difficulties. Seven months of unemployment for both of them had wiped them out financially and since they both are in their early 60s, it was devastating. But even though they had depleted all of their savings, she was optimistic that within six months they would be back on solid ground. She thought the worst was over when she got a tearful letter from her mother asking her only child for financial help. Her mother had loaned them money over the years so she couldn\’t tell her no even if she wanted to, and... Read More

How To Tap Into Your Brilliance

July 11th, 2007

As a practicing writer, do you sometimes feel like you have nothing to write or like it takes forever to create even one well written sentence? And then after all the hard work it took to create a powerful sentence, article, or book-you then struggle to get motivated to do it all over again. Writing doesn\’t have to be this hard. You can learn to Tap Into Your Brilliance easier, faster, and with more excitement! Creating A Supportive Environment Writing partners are a must. More than anything else, a writing buddy or partner will allow you to be validated on a consistent basis. Not just... Read More


July 6th, 2007

Are you one of the many baby boomer women who is in transition and are: • looking for a new purpose for your life • downsizing to smaller, more manageable digs so you can have more time for yourself • unexpectedly single • reviving a dormant career Or, like me, are you experiencing one of the above AND ALSO find parental caregiving is a new fact of your life? If you are, then you are in the growing season called transition. And, you aren\’t alone. More and more, I find myself talking to women who are juggling jobs, careers, parenting and grandparenting with the unexpected but growing... Read More