Are You as Courageous as a Baby Squirrel?
By Dumont Gerken Owen, Ph.D.
NABBW’s Women and Work Expert

I watched a baby squirrel the other day as he learned to navigate trees.  He carefully tested each branch to see if it could hold his weight. A little later, I went back and looked up in the tree.  I was amazed!  The squirrel was jumping from branch to branch.

Talk about a leaf of faith!  This was one courageous squirrel.

How about you?

  • Are you willing to make that leap of faith?  You may be anxious or fearful about your career transition or job search, but are you willing to commit to the process?
  • Are you as curious as a baby squirrel?  Do you look inward and evaluate your values, beliefs, strengths and passions?  Do you seek to learn how your personal qualities relate to specific career fields and industries?
  • Do you view change not as an obstacle but an opportunity for growth?  Remember the old saw,  “Change is inevitable. Suffering is optional.”  If you’re not willing to accept and manage change, you’ll suffer needlessly.  Besides you won’t stand a chance of  making it to the next branch.
  • Do you have knowledge of the current job market and well-defined career strategies to become the candidate of choice?  This little squirrel was born with the instinct to learn how to climb trees; he only needed the courage to use that knowledge.  Are you willing to learn new skills sets or conduct the research required to achieve your career goals?
  • Dumont puts the Zoom in Boomer Careers!

    A Certified Career Management Coach, her mission is to inspire experienced professionals to realize their unique passions and qualifications, and provide them with strength, resources, and strategies to achieve their job search or career transition.

    She has a background in recruiting and directing university career centers spanning over 20 years. As with many of her clients, however, she came to a point where the career she had worked so hard to build wasn\’t working for her anymore. It was one of those “aha” moments! Dumont realized that her true passion was using my expertise to help others. That\’s why she started coaching… to assist others in living their true passion!

    Learn more about Dumont on her website, Career Windows Online, or contact her directly via email or phone: (216) 321-1268.  Dumont lives in Cleveland Heights, Ohio.