Can You Hear Me Now?

By  Dr. Dorree Lynn, Ph.D.
NABBW’s Expert on Boomer Women Sexuality
Ladies, if you sometimes think that your man seems deaf, dumb, and blind, that may actually be partially true. At least the deaf part is pretty common.

Many men as they age tend to lose some of their hearing at the higher range where a woman’s voice may mostly reside.  If your guy seems to be missing some of what you’ve been saying lately, there’s a good chance he might benefit from a hearing test.

Partial hearing loss is far more common than most people realize.  Countless arguments and even divorces occur because neither partner realizes that not everything being said is being heard.

This might be even worse in the comfort of your own home, where a woman may speak at lower decibels, until frustration leads to screaming—either way, she doesn’t get heard.

Here’s a quick fix:  Face each other when you talk.  The combination of having a direct line of hearing from lips to ears, as well as the visual information that comes from seeing someone speaking, can add up to much better odds of actually being heard.

And if you need a boost, be open to the possibility of trying a hearing aid.  These helpful devices have become remarkably sophisticated and small.

As part of the first generation to be raised on rock ‘n roll and powered motors, we all face the increased possibility of needing hearing aids, more than our parents.  Did you know that former Boomer President Bill Clinton wears one in each ear?

Dr. Dorree Lynn, NABBW’s Boomer Women Sexuality Expert is a practicing Washington, DC-based psychologist and life coach with over 4 decades of experience, who is committed to helping people have better relationships fulfilling sex lives. She is the founder and Editor-In Chief of, a lifestyle website that is known for offering sexy, savvy and sage advice for grownups over 50. Dr. Dorree has appeared on “Good Morning America,” MSNBC, CNN, PBS and other major programming.  She is the author of “Sex for Grownups,” available from Amazon & Barnes and Nobel. You can anonymously ask her on her website at She also writes a column in  Upbeat Senior.