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Three Things You Need to Know Before You Travel in France

March 2nd, 2015

By Carolee Cameron NABBW’s Associate for Independent Travel   Before you travel to France, it is important, even essential, to know at least three things. First, be aware that French culture is different from American, but equally, if not more, genteel. French people are quintessentially polite and considerate. Before you interpret their behaviors, be fully aware of what these behaviors communicate in France. These meanings are not the same as they would be in the United States. For example, a delay in giving you your check at the end of a meal is certainly not indicative of poor service... Read More

From “No Way” to “My Way”: Boomers Take a Fresh Look at Working in Retirement

December 3rd, 2013

From “No Way” to “My Way:” Boomers Take a Fresh Look at Working in Retirement by Dr. Carolee Duckworth For the NABBW Many retiring Boomers consider working after retirement to be a very bad alternative. Perhaps you number yourself among them. And you have your reasons. For one thing, you have worked for multiple decades, always with the dream ahead of a retirement free from work. Given the pace of your life – the business trips that have kept you away from your family – the late-night paperwork – the continuous upheavals of office politics, and all those other... Read More