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December 30th, 2021

Generation Bold Radio, January 2, 2022–Guests: Rae & Jason Miller, The Getaway Couple

  1. Generation Bold Radio, January 2, 2022--Guests: Rae & Jason Miller, The Getaway Couple BizTalkRadio 42:01

Driven To Happiness & Success
“Getaway Couple” Rae & Jason Miller Living The American Dream One Mile At A Time After Leaving Their Jobs & Home Five Years Ago To Embark On A Nationwide RV Journey With Their Dog, Carmen
Nearly 50 States Later, The Millers Have Become Successful Entrepreneurial Ambassadors For The RV Lifestyle
SOMEWHERE IN AMERICA – We’ve all felt it at some point. An overwhelming urge to break free, defy convention, change our lives, alter our surroundings, explore the world and discover our best selves. Not just for a few days but perhaps for a few years or even forever.
Unfortunately, however, the vast majority of us pack such urges away like fine china that’s too delicate and impractical to use except on the rarest of occasions. And so, instead of taking an off-ramp toward a bold and adventurous new life, we stay in our comfortable and predictable lanes knowing two words of regret will inevitably creep into our thoughts time and time again – if only…

Adriane Berg Associate for Successful Aging & Ageless Travel

Adriane Berg is the Host of the two weekly podcasts, The Ageless Traveler: Lifelong Travel Made Easy and Generation Bold, The Fountain of Truth About Aging, as well as the author of fourteen books on money and lifestyle. She sits on the United Nations NGO-NYC Committee or Ageing and is Cheerleader in Chief for Business Authority 50+, guiding the growing number of later-life entrepreneurs to success. She is a Co-Founder of N.A.E.L.A., The National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys.

Adriane is a highly sought-after business development consultant and inspirational keynote speaker, ready to present to your business or consumer audience.

Adriane's mission is to change our concept of aging and the mature life stage to one of good health, excitement, and accomplishment. Baby boomer women are the best educated and most affluent group of women in history. Yet, many struggle with one unifying issue. They have no real place for contribution.

Join the National Association of Baby Boomer Women!  Serving 38 million of the healthiest, wealthiest and best educated generation of women to ever hit midlife, baby boomer women.