Attract Abundance with Clutter Clearing

By Judith Geiger

What does Clutter clearing mean? So many times you hear these words and think about your dreaded messy garage or closet. You close your eyes and imagine it clean and you smile for a moment, then your daydream quickly becomes a nightmare when you realize the work it will take to accomplish it.

Would it help to know that every time you do a real clutter clearing you are actually inviting more abundance into your life? Really! If you are ready to change your life and create new opportunities, then the best place to start is to declutter. Let me explain.

It is a proven fact that everything is energy. In order to bring what you desire into your life (new energy) it is necessary to let go of the old. This means it is time to declutter your life. You do this in several ways.

The most obvious is to declutter your home and office. Also, it is great to declutter your car, your email inbox, even your calendar (where are you over booked and weighed down?). The more you are able to let go of the lighter you will feel. This is what creates that space for abundance to start flowing in!

I know an author who once said, “I know every time I am ready to write a new book, because I will get inspired to do a complete clutter clearing. And I do!” Her books are awesome, because she creates space for them to come in.

So where to begin? I always tell my clients to start small. If you clean out one small drawer completely, then stop and reward yourself by doing something else for a while, you will have begun.

Then return to that drawer and open it. Look inside and take a moment to connect with what it feels like to have it cleaned out and neat. Let this inspire you to do the next small thing. Before you know it you will have the whole family out in the garage for a cleaning party. Make it fun by playing some music and dancing, after you have cleared enough room in the middle of the floor.

Don\’t let this happen to you, don\’t get caught up in the mindset of I might need it someday. If you have not used it in six months or love it dearly, let it go. Sell it or give it to charity for that extra good feeling. By the time you are done you will be feeling over the top good and remember that is also what attracts abundance, feeling good!

Consider for a moment if you are going through a divorce or major breakup, simply keeping his or her things around (for whatever reason) keeps you stuck where you are. If you are ready to move on with your life then let that stuff go.

If you are still procrastinating and unable to make the decisions about what to keep and what to let go of, then you can do the box system. Get three large boxes and on the first one mark Keep, the next Give Away and the last Undecided.

Just keep in mind if you don\’t love it or use it let it go!

Still can\’t seem to get started? Hire a coach who will help you stay motivated and get the job done with ease.

After rebuilding her own life after divorce Judith Geiger has dedicated herself to assisting divorced women to be in joy and when ready find their true love. She has been helping women feel empowered since 2005 when Coaching became her passion. Visit her website at

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