Holidays can be difficult for widows. Whether it is a birthday, anniversary, Thanksgiving or New Years, the memories of past holidays can keep widows stuck in the past and unable to move forward in their life.

It can feel impossible to even consider participating in a holiday without one\’s spouse. Those shared traditions and memories from past years probably do not feel appropriate now. Sometimes widows feel guilty when they think about participating in special days without their spouse. These special days can also bring up a lot of sadness for widows.

Widows can also experience a great deal of confusion and frustration about holidays. There may be questions about whether to celebrate with family and friends or whether to do something completely different. Some widows actually feel emotionally paralyzed, trying to numb the emotions which lie so very close to the surface.

I went through many of these challenges during the first years I was a widow. This year I decided to create a Holiday Survival Guide for Widows. This special report includes 10 options for widows to consider for the holidays.

So often, the paralyzing confusion and sadness overwhelm widows because they feel they have no options other than what has been done in the past. This special report has been created to help guide widows to their own unique decisions about what is right for them right now.

There are choices. There are options. This guide can be the creative spark to enable each widow to find her perfect solution to not only survive the holidays but to thrive.

This Guide is a free download. HOLIDAY SURVIVAL GUIDE

Sandy Clendenen provides educational programs and services to widows who are committed to Moving forward in their life after losing their spouse. She has created a networking site for widows: She also maintains another site: Sandy has published an interactive journal for widows, Move Beyond Grief Journal. She is also nearing completion of her memoir covering her grief healing journey.