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I will Believe in You Every Day of My Life

“I will believe in you every day of my life,” was told to ET by Elliot.

About a week ago, I woke up in the middle of the night and heard someone say, “Why don\’t you write about me?” I was pretty sure I recognized that voice.

The next morning I picked up a book, opened it, and read, “I will believe in you every day of my life.” Okay, so this person is not so subtle!

David is my Elliot. We met 25 years ago. We were both 12 (we were mature for our age) and were employed in the Direct Mail/Advertising department at Bloomingdale\’s in Manhattan.

We had that comfort level that comes from knowing someone in another place and time. Don\’t know the place or time, but we have all met people where there is such a connection right away. If not, please get out more. They are out there. They would like to meet you. Again.

“I will believe in you every day of my life” friends are such an extraordinary gift.

When you feel like a stuffed pig in that little black dress that you didn\’t buy on sale, they will tell you that your legs go on for days (they won\’t mention that your rent is overdue).

When you break up with a bad boyfriend (and I don\’t mean the “good” bad), they are there to soothe your broken heart (or was it the ego?).

When you continue to break up with the before mentioned bad boyfriends, they exhibit courage by slipping the business card of a very good therapist in your hand.

When you are blind to your extraordinary and dazzling attributes, they are there to tell you that you were always clever, compelling, amusing, and a good dancer.

When they stay on the phone with you for three hours, they will say it\’s because your melodic voice totally engages them. They will never mention that they ran out of sleeping pills and that the drugstore is closed.

When they make you stretch beyond your comfort level, and you start to feel the glimmer of your new life emerging, they are there to welcome you home.

There should be a national holiday for,” I will believe in you everyday of my life” friends.

Now in fairness to me, I was the, “I will believe in you every day of my life” friend to David. I always felt he did more to enrich my life, but if I think of all the adventures we went thru together (and survived), I know I kept up with him just fine.

We were struggling writers who had a gem of an idea for a TV show about 2 friends (how original); he the handsome, intelligent entrepreneur who saves world from ugly visible panty lines, and she the clumsy, sarcastic (and outrageously breathtaking looking) woman who bought all the nations of the world to the peace table and just left them there.

Sadly, we never got the chance to write our show. David passed away on Thanksgiving in 1997 from AIDS. It still takes my breath away. I lost my safety net. My darling friend.

Call a friend today and tell them why you believe in them. Then show them that you do. Make another call, but don\’t stay on the phone all the time. Let someone else have the chance to call you and tell you that they will believe in you every day of their lives.

Elliot found that friendship in ET as I found that unwavering friendship in David. But, how unfair it is that David\’s the cute, wide-eyed Elliot while I ended up butt naked with a big bald head. I need to put a call into central casting!

And David, if you are listening, “Call home.” Again.

Branching Out Creative Life and Career Coach, Elizabeth Cassidy, started her coaching practice with the belief that Baby Boomer women have the power to change their lives by tapping into their courage and creativity: courage to get pass the roadblocks, the fears and the doubts and creativity in the form of inspired and innovative solutions that will help Baby Boomer women move forward in their lives.

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