People should behave like lobsters, says Rev. Sheila Pierce, and spend their lives continually molting.

We have a lot to learn from a clawed creature that removes himself from his old shell in order to grow a new one dozens of times over, said the pastor on a recent Sunday at the Center of Peace in Philadelphia. Our inner growth process can change just as often in the search of our true self.

While a lobster prepares for molting, his old shell cracks and he backs out of it, leaving it behind. In the new soft shell, he is vulnerable to predators, and must remain in hiding while waiting for his shell to harden. The vulnerable membrane is at risk of hitting the coral, so he burrows to feel safe. After several weeks, the lobster has fully grown into its shell, and the cycle of molting and growing begins again.

Our own spiritual journeys to discover our hidden talents may follow a similar path. In doing so, we need to:

  • Shed fears that hold back the courage to grow.
  • Shed values that do not work anymore.
  • Shed negative energy the block inner growth.
  • Shed feeling like a victim that inhibits the ability to feel empowered.

The lobster\’s path tells us that feeling vulnerable while growing is only natural. And, while we may be comfortable with our old self because of our work, titles and likes or dislikes, we must step out of these comfort zones. Just as the lobster burrows itself in a safe place while waiting for a new shell, we can regenerate in safe havens while transforming our lives, too. In our safe places, we can:

  • Talk to close and trusted friends
  • Write in a journal
  • Visualize the new you
  • Affirm that you deserve to the best in life
  • Meditate to help to quiet the mind

Finding out who you are is a choice. Remember you are more than you think you are. To help keep you strong, reflect on this quote from Joe E. Lewis, “You only live once. But if you work it right, once is enough.”

Dr. Barbara Collins, is a professional speaker, organizational development consultant and author, specializing in helping organizations develop and implement strategic initiatives to enhance work productivity and achieve organizational goals. Her book It\’s Your Turn: Find Your Authentic Self and Go Fetch It! helps women create authentic second and third careers. Barbara has twenty-plus years of experience in education, management development, professional speaking, and training to help organizations create productive work environments. Barbara helps her clients maximize people\’s differences to accomplish business goals, manage change in a changing environment, and learn effective team group process strategies. Her area of expertise is Strategic Planning, Managing Change, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Large and Small Group Facilitation and Executive Coaching. She is a member of National Speakers Association. Barbara currently teaches The Arts and Science of Leadership at Cabrini College. Visit Barbara at