Friday - August 12, 2022

Adriane Berg Associate for Successful Aging

Adriane Berg is the Host of the weekly podcast Generation Bold, The Fountain of Truth About Aging, and the author of fourteen books on money and lifestyle.

Adriane is a highly sought-after business development consultant and inspirational keynote speaker, ready to present to your business or consumer audience.

Adriane's mission is to change our concept of aging and the mature life stage to one of good health, excitement, and accomplishment. Baby boomer women are the best educated and most affluent group of women in history. Yet, many struggle with one unifying issue. They have no real place for contribution.

Adriane's books, podcasts, courses, and speaking open the world to better access to health care, technology, and prosperous living with the opportunity for personal satisfaction and lasting contribution.

As an influencer and spokesperson for successful aging, Adriane asserts:

"The world expects too little of its boomers and loses out on the skills and brainpower of millions of people. The tremendous age-inequality gap is more than economic. It is cultural, environmental, and attitudinal."

Her latest book, "The Retirement Income Explosion," (Amazon, www.RetirementIncomeExplosion.com ) guides boomers to a secure retirement with the freedom to make lasting contributions to family and to the world.

Awards and Affiliations

Adriane's many awards include

  • An Emmy for her T.V. work,

  • Best Radio Show Mature Market Winner

  • Women in Business Salon Award

  • Women of Influence New Jersey

  • Several National Librarian's Awards

  • 5-year Facilitator Acknowledgement for her work with children at Good Grief

  • Appointment to the United States Treasury Greater New York Committee for Savings Awareness.

  • United Nations N.G.O. Committee on Ageing

She is a Co-Founder of N.A.E.L.A., The National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys

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