While there are numerous aspects to being a successful entrepreneur that transcend life stage, there are challenges and opportunities unique to being a Boomer woman in business. Being aware of your individual perspective as a boomer entrepreneur is important because it will help you navigate your business more effectively.

Unlike younger entrepreneurs, Boomers have a wisdom that comes from a life lived and lessons learned. You know who you are and what you have to offer…and that it has value. You also have more work experience, as you may have been in one industry for thirty years and seen all of its changes, or perhaps you changed careers a few times, seeing the world and its work through different lenses. You have an ability to look at the big picture and long-term rewards, whereas your younger counterparts want it right now, and may dump what\’s not working before it\’s been given a sufficient chance to fly.

But boomer entrepreneurs face their share of challenges as well. Fear is a major hurdle, because if a business flops at 25, you have plenty of time to rebuild. At 55, however, your Retirement and lifestyle can be significantly impacted. There\’s also a fear that you\’re playing the game too late in life, and that you may not be able to manifest your vision with the time and energy you have left.

Because boomers didn\’t grow up with computers, some feel frustrated and even intimidated by the technical and technological components of running a business. Cheaper competition can keep you hopping as well, because younger entrepreneurs haven\’t yet worked up to the income level you were earning at your day job, and may win customers over you simply on price point.

While these fears don\’t stop many boomers, it\’s important to be aware that they may come up on the journey. As feelings of trepidation and concerns about being too late to the dance come up, diffuse them by reminding yourself that you are a woman of tenacity and vision. A woman who has immeasurable work and life experience. A woman who understands authenticity and who can spot a phony at 50 yards.

Your gifts will serve your powerful self on this powerful journey; embrace them.

Jennifer Kalita Founder & Principal Consultant of The Kalita Group & Strategic Women.com

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