Practically everybody has more than one name or title. I know I sure do.

There\’s the one that\’s used when a great need arises, “Mommmm, can I use your car? Mine\’s out of gas. And ah…can I borrow 10 bucks?” After raising teens, I discovered the word “borrow” holds dual meanings. The first means to lend something, while the other is to give it away without expecting any return. Ever.

And another name that\’s used is when a gentle reminder seems necessary, “Honey, I know you\’re all grown up now, but hasn\’t your Mother told you time and again that noooo one wears white after Labor Day? What would your reader\’s think?” This one is similar to running your nails down a chalkboard.

And then, let\’s not forget the “told you so, told you so” or more commonly known as the “nana nana boo boo” one where your best friend says, “Girlfriend! I don\’t care if he does a great Elvis impersonation; the guy wears sequins and a Leisure suit for Pete\’s sake! Hell-O?” Well excuse me, but coming from someone who wears white after Labor Day, what does she know about Fashion statements? Besides, Herbert… ah I mean, Elvis gave me a scarf and sang to me right in the middle of dinner down at Gerald\’s Grills, Gills, Clucks and Tacos restaurant. Where\’s your Kodak when you need it, eh? Ahem, anyway… as I was saying, I have lots of names.

There is, however, one name I love being called and that\’s Baby Boomer. Now ya talking! I love the fact that I fall into this group of people born between 1946 and 1964. Yep, practically right in the middle of it too. What year was I born? Ah…well, it was… it\’s… ah…darn these memory lapses! Let me get back to you, okay?

Being a baby Boomer gives me back my very own… SELF! My identity that was somehow lost between Daughterhood, Wifehood (is that a word?) Motherhood and then, Single Parenthood.

There are other advantages to being a Baby Boomer. For instance, when was the last time you heard anybody holler, “Hey you! Yeah you, Baby Boomer, I need you to…” See? Being a Baby Boomer means you get to drive you own car, wear white after Labor Day, or purple, or even RED for heaven\’s sake, and date men who sing off key and wear sequins. Or not. You see, it\’s all about choices and who gets to make them. And now that I\’m a Baby Boomer, I make my own.

So call me Queenie, call me Queen Jaw Jaw, call me JJ, but if you really want to get on my good side, call me The Queen of Baby Boomer Humor. Oh, that sounds good, doesn\’t it? You know, they just don\’t make a Hallmark™ for that… Yet.

Queen Jaw Jaw
The Queen of Baby Boomer Humor

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