We need a “Hug Your Humorist” month, day, or year. Why not? After diligent research, I found that we celebrate:

  • The Bilingual Child Month – mine have been bilingual every since they were teenagers. Have you ever tried to understand a teen? Not gonna happen. They have a language all of their own.
  • The Class Reunion Month – I\’m pretty sure this coincides with the “Discounted Gym Membership” month.
  • The Month of Free Thought – Better hurry and get all of your thinking in this month ‘cause next month, you pay.
  • The National Kitchen and Bath Month – this is usually when I clean mine; in October. You?
  • The Tackling Hunger Month – Month?!! Month?!! Try daily!
  • The Squirrel Awareness Month – We need an entire month to know that they eat our pecans and bite? Where are the meetings held for this one? In an attic?

These are just a few of the celebrations going on in October and after reading the entire list, I\’m thinking a “Hug Your Humorist” day, month, or year is in order. Write your congressman, tell your senators, put it on the next ballot!

If you missed “Change a Light” day on October 3—You\’re sitting in the dark, aren\’t you?—well, not to worry! You can still celebrate “Cranky Co-workers Day” on October 27…I know I intend to.

Have you hugged your humorist today?