I was reading a magazine article on Creativity that said, “Release the artist within.” I thought I have an artist within? I was captured. Knowing Valentine\’s Day was just around the corner, my gray cells starting working overtime. I didn\’t have a clue what to do, buy, or give my significant other. I really wanted to do something different, something creative; I wanted to…release the artist within.

Coming up empty, I phoned my best friend to see what she does with her artistic insides. After explaining the article and asking for ideas, she responded with, “Stop reading that crap…buy him a tie.” Oh now that tips the creative scale right off the edge, eh? A tie? Puleaseeee…I hung up feeling sorry for my dear friend whose “artist within” was obviously on vacation, or dead from lack of imagination. A tie…how blasé.

Refusing to give up, I stopped by to see another friend who\’s a real artist. I mean she paints and you can\’t even see the numbers. I explained my dilemma, and showed her the ideas I\’d written down. She read them over and gave me a look that said, “You\’re kidding, right?” She said, “First of all, locking the front door and then wrapping your self in clear plastic is a big no-no. What if he isn\’t the one who rings the doorbell?” Okay, maybe I didn\’t think that one through…We scratched through “plastic wrap.”

She continued reading. “Call me crazy but wasn\’t it you that nearly burned down your kitchen at Christmas? Let\’s face it hon, you\’re no Martha Stewart. Baking a heart-shaped cake is a good idea…if you get someone else to bake it.” Idea number two-scratched. Miss “I\’m an artist so I\’m smarter than you” person was starting to get on my nerves. Then she said, “Buy him a nice tie. It\’s safe.” I never did like her art. Who paints on velvet nowadays anyway?

I was running out of so-called creative resources and time. I had two ideas left on my list one of which was a tie. I vowed that would not happen.

I took a deep breath and entered the new “Cover Me Chocolate” store. Before I could question my brainstorm, I was wisped off to Cover Room #5. A word of caution here…if you have yourself covered in chocolate, you might want to take into account the drive home. And sweating. And stained car seats. And…DO NOT run the heater. One more thing. Dogs, cats, squirrels, and especially ants are very curious about chocolate-covered people. They come at you from nowhere. Run.

Declaring I\’d never touch chocolate again as long as I lived, I took multiple showers, ran by the Mall and purchased a “you-know-what,” then met my significant other for a nice romantic dinner. Seems though I wasn\’t the only one releasing the artist within. After a dinner that included chocolate-covered cherries AND strawberries dipped in chocolate, my artist gave me a necklace made of ugh, gasp, spurt…dare I say it? CHOCOLATE. Not stopping there, the grand finale had musicians playing Sweet Nothings in my ear as he gave me a certificate to…you guessed it, “Cover Me Chocolate.” Can you say “gag?”

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