This month I\’m taking a serious mode of writing. That is, as serious as a humorist can write. Of late, I\’ve noticed more and more I borrow trouble. In other words, I forget that today is all I have, or ever will have, and that yesterday is insignificant. It\’s gone, kaput, can\’t change it… done…over…period.

Nonetheless, and even though “staying in the moment” makes perfect sense, I\’ve found myself borrowing trouble for what could happen, while in reality, right now is what counts.

So for my today, I\’m setting aside the fact that my toilet wants to keep running. Big deal. There are those without a throne, and my plumber is on speed dial. He loves me. I put one of his kids through college. I\’m sure of it.

I am setting aside the fact that my roof needs replacing. Another “so what?” A simple call to my insurance company and the claims adjustor is on his way and putting me ahead of the other previously scheduled appointments. How did I manage to be first and especially on a Monday? Two words—Double-chocolate brownies. I\’m just sayin\’…

I am setting aside that my car is 12 years old. Hey, I have a car! And it runs smoothly. And it takes me to the grocery store where there is an unending supply or Oreo\’s.

I\’m setting aside the fact that my beloved mother is in a rehab center rehabbing from total hip replacement. That is one, serious woman on a mission. She is the star pupil in rehab, and will be going home in a day or two continuing her life, whole once again. Thank you, God. She\’s also the poster child for positive thinking. Just try whining around mom and girl, stand back. You\’ll feel like you just got a tongue lashing from Pollyanna.

I\’m setting aside the fact that I\’m not a size 10, uh…12, because I am beautiful to my grandchildren, and my children, and my friends. And…they say I am funny. The best audience a humorist can have…plus they\’re fodder for writing. Oh, and if I want them to know it, I\’ll tell them myself. Shhhh…

What I am not setting aside is my grateful heart. I have my family and they are healthy. I have my job and I love every minute of it. I have my friends, my home, and yes, my old car. And…I have YOU, my adored readers and fans.

I would LOVE to know how you “stay in the moment.” Wanna tell me? Cool! Email me at My castle doors are always open and not to worry, the alligators are full after dining on a feast of…my yesterday cheese and whines.