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Travel Companion: Need One or Be One

Do you have a mom, dad, or other relative or friend who needs/wants to take a train/plane/auto/ship but doesn’t want to/can’t travel alone? Or, would you like to be a travel companion for someone else? I recently spoke to Jeff Davis of Davis International LLC in Indianapolis, Indiana, about the segment of his company involved with needing/being a travel companion.

Mr. Davis told me about some scenarios presently in the works, such as the relocation of an elderly client from the northeast part of the United States to Florida, and a group of 30 mature adults traveling to Costa Rica who want someone who will “run interference” for them with the hotels, transfers, tour guides, etc. With families scattered across the country, and people capable of paying for a travel companion, this could be a service people might be able to use.

Conversely, Mr. Davis is also interested in having a list of competent travel companions. Those who qualify as travel companions have all their expenses paid, as well as an additional fee for their services. Companions work as independent contractors.

If you’re interested in either finding or being a travel companion, contact Jeff Davis at Davis International LLC (www.davisinternationalllc.com or 317-787-7729).

Jan Cullinane Author, Entreprenuer, Retirement Expert

Jan Cullinane is the co-author of The New Retirement: The Ultimate Guide to the Rest of Your Life (Rodale, 2007). She gives seminars on the (primarily) non-financial aspects of retirement through her company, "Retirement Living from A to Z."

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