This month, I\’d like to share with you a list of a dozen books on a variety of topics. Although not all are targeted specifically to retirees or those contemplating the transition, they all provide food for thought. Happy reading!


Personal Finance for Dummies by Eric Tyson. Wiley, 2006.

Dave Barry\’s Money Secrets by Dave Barry. Three Rivers Press, 2006 (hilarious satire of personal finance)

Physical Health:

The Volumetrics Eating Plan by Barbara Rolls. Morrow Cookbooks, 2005

You: The Owner\’s Manual by Michael Roizen. Collins, 2005

Emotional Health/Spirituality:

Celebrating the Rest of Your Life by David Yount. Augsburg Books, 2005.

The Joy Diet by Martha Beck. Crown, 2003


Retired with Husband by Mary Louise Floyd, Vanderwyk & Burnham, 2006

Learned Optimism: How to Change Your Mind and Your Life by Martin Seligman. Vintage, 2006


Unbelievably Good Deals and Great Adventures That You Absolutely Can\’t Get Unless You\’re Over 50, 2007-2008 by Joan Rattner Heilman. McGraw-Hill, 2006

Bed & Breakfasts and Country Inns, 18th edition, by Deborah Edwards Sakach. American Historic Inns, 2006

End-of-Life Issues:

Chicken Soup for the Grieving Soul: Stories About Life, Death and Overcoming the Loss of a Loved One by Jack Canfield and Mark Hansen, editors. Health Communications, 2003

Good End by Michael Appleton. Hats Off Books, 2005

Jan Cullinane is the co-author of The New Retirement: The Ultimate Guide to the Rest of Your Life (Rodale, 2007). She gives seminars on the (primarily) non-financial aspects of retirement through her company, "Retirement Living from A to Z."