As adults begin to confront their mortality, and the daily rat race has faded into the background, religion and spirituality often become more front and center in their lives.

A recent Newsweek survey found that 56 percent of those aged 40 – 59 described themselves as both religious and spiritual, and this percent increased to 66 for those over 60 years of age. When asked, “How Important is Spirituality in Your Daily Life?” 63 percent of those aged 40 – 59 indicated it was very important, and 66 percent of those over 60 years of age felt it was very important.

The most common reasons for practicing their religion included becoming a better and more moral person, forging a personal relationship with God, finding peace of mind and happiness, providing meaning and structure to life, connecting with something larger than yourself, and being part of a community.

Retirement may provide the perfect opportunity to renew, refresh, or discover our spiritual and religious selves.

Jan Cullinane Author, Entreprenuer, Retirement Expert

Jan Cullinane is the co-author of The New Retirement: The Ultimate Guide to the Rest of Your Life (Rodale, 2007). She gives seminars on the (primarily) non-financial aspects of retirement through her company, "Retirement Living from A to Z."