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Expand Your Comfort Zone to Create More Joy

One of the hardest things to do in life after 50 is to break out of your comfort zone. The question to ask yourself is are you really happy in your comfort zone or just feeling safe and secure? And at this point, is there more you want in your life that may be outside those safe boundaries of your comfort zone? If you want the second half of your life to bring more passion, more excitement – and more joy, then read on.

To experience new heights of joy no matter what age you are, the only requirement is a willingness to challenge yourself to break out of your self-imposed limitations.

Getting outside of your comfort zone doesn\’t always mean taking giant steps or doing something crazy. Expanding your comfort zone can mean making small changes – taking small steps. For example, read a book you usually wouldn\’t pick up, learn about something that challenges your viewpoint, or take a language course. Do things that are different than your ordinary daily routine.

Small Ways to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

To begin experiencing the joy you deserve, stretch yourself!

Here are some ideas you can use to help yourself expand your comfort zone:

  • Explore someplace new – even if it\’s right in your own neighborhood.
  • Go to a different store to shop for your groceries, clothes, or other items.
  • Figure out ways to meet new people. Talk with a neighbor you don\’t usually interact with or introduce yourself to people who are new in community, church or at work.
  • Sign up for a workshop, college class or an online course in something you have always been intrigued by or that peaks your interest.
  • Make a list of 5 things you would like to try – pick one and get started.

You can increase your comfort zone in so many ways. If you want to create more joy, discover or rediscover what makes you feel good about life. Expanding your comfort zone is about doing things YOU like – not that fit into someone else\’s agenda. It\’s about showing yourself that you can do more than you thought you could.

Moving on to Bigger Things

Once you\’ve taken small steps outside your comfort zone, start stretching your boundaries further with greater challenges. New challenges may seem daunting to you, but consider this – nervous is a state of mind and you can let it go as quickly as you took it on. What being nervous shows is that you are growing and developing as a person and embracing more of what life has to offer you. And that\’s a good thing!

Avoid Trying Too Much Too Fast

If you try to do too many things at once, you may become so stressed that you miss the joy that comes from stretching your inner boundaries. Instead, you may experience frustration and lack motivation to venture outside of your comfort zone again. Take small steps at first – those proverbial “baby steps” and the success you experience will fuel your drive to move on towards taking bigger steps to bigger challenges.

To be truly happy in your life after 50, you must be proactive in seeking out what you really want in life. As you continue to challenge yourself with activities you enjoy, leaving your comfort zone will become a fulfilling journey that leads you to the passion and joy that you deserve!

What is the first step you are going to take outside of your comfort zone?

Karen Batchelor life coach, speaker, author and authority on how to have an amazing life after 50

Karen Batchelor is a certified life coach and proud midlife crisis survivor who provides inspiration, encouragement and support to other women (and men) as they navigate through life at 50 plus. After more than 20 years in corporate and legal careers, Karen completely reinvented herself after 50 and started getting what she really wanted out of life – personally and professionally.

Now as the premier coach for 50-somethings, she combines her diverse and extensive skills with her natural blend of creativity, enthusiasm and humor to help Baby Boomers make their fifties the gateway to the best half of life.

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