Menopause is yet another chance for us to see life as a blessing. Not many women say it\’s easy.

What makes this mid-life transition less stressful is really how we think and feel about ourselves. It is an undeniable chance to see how much inner work we have really done so far. Most women report that it can be a deal-breaker phase of life. In other words, women going through menopause often get the feeling ‘its now of never\’.

But whether you have been diligent about healing, Moving on, staying open, remaining positive, or just barely keeping your head above water, for many women menopause offers you the opportunity to make big changes.

Every woman reacts differently to menopause. While some view it as a new lease on life, encompassing all of the physical, emotional, and sexual freedom associated with it. Others suffer a loss that feels like the end of a part of their lives that was very fulfilling and nurturing. We all face the thought that we will never bear children again and the feeling of impending old age associated with it.

But you can also view menopause from a positive benefit point of view. Think about it:

  • You no longer have to deal with monthly menstrual cycles which include the cramping, the bloating, and the cranky mood swings.
  • You can have sex as often as you like without having to worry about becoming pregnant. Because of this many women report that sex is even better during menopause than it was before!
  • Your relationships reach an entirely new level of communication.

Menopause can mean that you have reached a level of mental, emotional and physical maturity that makes it easier for you to handle anything that life throws your way.

You can accept menopause in a positive way by embracing life and living it to its fullest. Menopause allows you the opportunity to embrace your body and the changes it is going through — to accept this more relaxed and peaceful phase of life.

In some ways, menopause is like when you got your first period. There are some awkward moments as you learn to adapt to your changing body, both physically and emotionally. But once you have passed through this initial phase that is often accompanied by uncomfortable symptoms such as hot flashes, you will blossom once again into a more mature self, an empowered woman filled with wonder and excitement. Life starts all over again.

Just as you accepted and embraced your rise to womanhood, it is important to recreate the same feeling of happiness during our later years. This is another milestone in your life which you can embrace by focusing on positive thoughts and feelings. Loving relationships, intimacy, and communication are bigger parts of the circle of life after menopause. Find good friends to enjoy the journey with.

Cathy's passion for the internet, as well as her own transition into peri-menopause, was the impetus to create her first website Everything Menopause. She writes often regarding menopause and issues that concern women at mid-life including healing the mind, body and emotions. You can also find some of her health-related articles online at