Is this exciting or what? I can hardly believe it myself. But it\’s true; the Queen here is expecting. And that\’s not all; delivery is in the very near future! I haven\’t said anything to you—my adoring fans (both of you) because I wanted to pick the perfect time to share this good news.

Now I know what you\’re thinking. You believe I\’m way too old to start raising another one. Now, now…don\’t be hasty. There\’s still a lot of get up and go in this old gal. Course most of it got up and went, leaving no forwarding address, ahem; but still, I believe I can do this!

We\’re expecting delivery this weekend, so I\’ve busied myself with the final details all week. You know; the usual like:
Is the baby bed set up? √
Plenty of baby food on hand? √
Those wipey-dipey things for messes? √
Warm pillows and blankets? √
Toys (for baby AND for me) √
And of course I\’ve done things like take extra naps because I know they\’ll be a thing of the past in the very near future. I\’ve also stocked up on movie rentals since I\’m pretty sure I won\’t be going out for a little while. Well…there you have it.

Hard to believe, isn\’t it? Trust me, it\’s true. Besides, would I lie to you?

Now all I have to do is sit and wait…tick tock, tick tock, tick tock…sigh. Oh for heavens sake! I almost forgot. I need to pick out a name for this new addition to the Richardson family, don\’t I? Hmm…any suggestions? Well never mind, I\’m sure something will come to me.

Stay tuned to this page folks because I intend to post a picture of the little one once she is safe in her mother\’s arms. I know you join me in my excitement and so as Fannie Flagg would say—Welcome to the World, Baby GIRL!
Why are you looking at me that way? Oh silly me! (insert evil laughter) Didn\’t I mention this birth is a new puppy?

Arriving late Friday evening with much fanfare and love, I give you …

Georgia Richardson Author, Speaker, Southern Humorist