Everybody has a “grouchy” day now and then. Today was mine. If I\’d met “Little Miss Mary Sunshine,” I\’d probably have beaten her to a pulp.

Yes, I know the Queen doesn\’t normally feel icky, but after a night of tossin\’ and turnin,\’ I stumbled to the kitchen only to find that Mr. Coffee had died. I began looking for fresh meat. THE SON hid, and the cat moved out.


Luckily, I remembered what my beloved humorist, Daddy, used to say. “Whining is for sissies, kiddo. You always have two choices. Whine about it, or change it.” Course this is also coming from the man who said (in his Dementia state), “The squeaky wheel gets the worm.

But his words hit home with me and I decided to change my mood by drowning myself in some good music.

Got the blues? Feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders? The Queen\’s here to help.

Find at least five ten songs that will lift you up and make you smile and before you know it and in spite of yourself, you\’ll be a Boomer Woman Gone Glad!

Here\’s my selection of Happy/Sappy Songs in no particular order. Feel free to listen to them by clicking on the links:

  • Don\’t Worry, Be Happy
  • All Shook Up (by Billy Joel, no less!)
  • What a Wonderful World
  • The Lion Sleeps Tonight (watch this dog, it will crack you up!)
  • I Can See Clearly Now
  • King Tut (Who doesn\’t love Steve Martin?)
  • I Will Survive
  • Kokomo
  • Louie, Louie (Yes, the lyrics are there, finally!)
  • And because it\’s all about ME, Sweet Home Alabama!
  • Do you have an all-time favorite song that can change your mood from gloom to zoom? Wanna share? Then send me an email at georgia@nabbw.com.

    Remember Boomers, music is like laughter…it\’s good for what ails you. Heck, I feel so good now I might even put some music on and vacuum. Bawwwhahahah…fat chance.

    See? I\’m ba-ackkkk!

    Georgia Richardson Author, Speaker, Southern Humorist