If you feel frustrated, even mystified by what\’s standing in the way of your greater success, it\’s actually not that difficult to understand.

The question is: Are you ready? Really ready?

Because the answer lives down in your unconscious . . . laying there . . . lying to you.

And that\’s not just clever writing, that\’s the truth about your inner saboteur— that lying, scheming, sneaky inner voice that whispers at you creating doubt and despair, or sometimes lays silent, waiting for it\’s next chance to undermine your desire and ambition.

And what is it\’s objective?

To trip you up and cause you to stumble when you meet with a business opportunity that would take you to the next level, or when someone new comes into your life that you\’re really attracted to.

And how does that voice do what it does? By causing confusion, fear, resistance, rationalization, or the all time favorite—the slip of the tongue.

And what\’s the result? Instead of doing what you sense would be better—even the best thing for you—you run into roadblocks and hold-backs that limit your ability to be truly fabulous each and every day.

And what is that inner saboteur?

It\’s your unconscious loyalty to the undermining messages you received, often when you were too tiny to even be able to think about what you were hearing and feeling. The kind of things parents and others said: “He\’s such a burden.” “She\’s so fussy.” “He\’s such a difficult child.” “I wish I\’d never had her.” “I\’ve got to get away from him.”

When you were very young, it wasn\’t the words as much as the feelings coming from those who were supposed to be encouraging your growth and development—but for whatever reasons were consciously or unconsciously trying to keep you small and non-threatening.

Remember, this is your unconscious loyalty we\’re talking about, and that\’s why it\’s so often mysterious that others—who are not as talented as you are and not nearly as bright—are getting ahead at rapid speed, or are happily married, enjoying the success you so dearly want. And you\’re not!

If you know what we\’re talking about—even if you just sense the truth of it—here\’s the big ticket question you have to answer:

What do you lose if you vote for your own success, your own magnificent relationship, your own way of being alive, and you give up your self-doubt by rooting out and eliminating that laying-lying-voice?

Because you will lose something, something that\’s been with you for most of your life—and even though that something has kept you down, it will feel like a loss when you finally decide, really decide, to give it up.

AND you\’ll begin to reclaim the life that\’s rightly yours so you can achieve the success you\’ve always wanted—so you can begin to live and enjoy the fabulous life that\’s also waiting just for you.

Are you ready?

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