You\’ve had the experience, just like we have, of wanting to approach someone at a party and then feeling shy, scared, not-good-enough. Right?

Just like us, you\’ve wanted to ask for a job, a promotion, special guidance for the next step of your career, but then you felt weird, strangely anxious, and you either forgot about it or went ahead in some lame, bound-for-defeat kind of way.

It was a special occasion, so you decided, like we have, to wear your most outstanding suit or outfit. But once you put it on, you started feeling uncertain whether you should actually “stand out.” Really Stand Out. So you took it off and put on something ordinary.

All the price and pain of deep insecurity. But insecurity about what?

About being you. Really you. Glorious, Fabulous YOU!

Somewhere along the way you were influenced by someone, or multiple someones, who made it clear that you shouldn\’t “get a big head,” “act up,” “forget your place,” or “be a know it all.”

Those are just tiny snippets of the kinds of soul-draining messages that most of us received in one way or another that later cost us the confidence to live our lives fully and fabulously!

But the key to Moving your life into the other side of insecurity is to remember that you weren\’t born thinking you had to hold yourself back.

You screamed, cried out, and shrieked with full-bodied fury. As soon as you could crawl you got into all the No-Nos you were supposed to avoid.

And then the programming, the now unconscious programming, started to settle into who you thought you were . . . until it became the norm.

Until now . . .

Because now, Right Now, is a choice point.

Will you stay committed to your insecurity?

Or will you redefine your loyalty, and make it to Yourself?

If it\’s the latter, then you will have moved through the process of authorizing yourself to call those false and contaminating inner tapes LIES, LIES, LIES. And you will gain momentum in experiencing yourself in your own wondrous, rightful, unique, one-of-a-kind truth.

Then, on the other side of insecurity, you can take yourself out into the world on your own terms and enjoy, truly enjoy, BEING YOU.


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