It was the first night of our long awaited Baja Mexico vacation. We\’d had a great time in Todos Santos with Jim\’s brother Bill and his wife Kelly who took us to Miguel\’s for guacamole and nachos and then on to the famed Hotel California for a long, leisurely dinner.

Now we were in bed, 10 pm Baja (Mountain) time.

What appeared as a modest, casual little hotel on the web suddenly turned into a cacophony of yapping, snarling dogs serenaded by a cat in heat.

Welcome to Mexico!

The four-legged locals exhausted themselves around midnight and we finally got some sleep.

But not for long . . .

The King Kong of Roosters, who lives right behind our little hotel (and immediately on the other side of our bedroom window) decided to announce day break sometime around 3 am by setting off an elaborate call and response with two neighboring cock-a-doodle-doers.

Not to be outdone, Senor Yapper Dog from the night before (who shares the same back yard behind our bedroom window) chimed in anytime the roosters took a break.

We made the most of it all … laughing, teasing, and even singing a Doo-Wop duet we\’re perfecting of “What\’s Your Name?” (… Is it Mary or Sue? Do I stand a chance with you?) If you\’re under 50 you may never have heard the song but we are huge fans of Doo Wop.

Blessedly, every so often sleep was more demanding than the backyard quartet so neither of us suffered the next day.

BUT at some point while Judith was lying awake contemplating two more nights there (that was Tuesday and we were scheduled to be back there Friday and Saturday nights as well) she not only jumped to the fact that under no uncertain terms would we return to that “charming” little hotel but other parts of the trip could also be changed to make it more comfortable and fun for us.

So the next morning we visited the Hacienda at Todos Los Santos and reserved a lovely private casita for Saturday night and then, upon arrival in La Paz, booked that hotel for Friday night, thereby breaking up our return drive from Mulege.

It was all now perfect! Why and how?

Trust the Rooster!

Because “the rooster” that appears to be wrecking everything … whatever form that rooster may take in your life … is always opening the door for you to rethink what you are doing, where you are going … what you want from life.

So Trust the Rooster and bust yourself loose from whatever you thought was right and good and allow the frustration, the upheaval to show you a new, easier, larger way to approach your life.

Trust the Rooster!

And we wish you many, many Fabulous Roosters


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