Art Garfunkle ran it right up the charts, singing about how:

“The closer your destination, the more you\’re slip-sliding away.”

You know the feeling . . . You set your mind on a goal.

Doesn\’t matter if it\’s a career ambition, getting a date with a particular gal at the gym, meeting a deadline which would produce more cash than you\’ve ever seen, getting your cousin to introduce you to her handsome neighbor, losing the last 5 pounds after taking off the first 30 . .. .

You name it . . . we all know the experience . . .

As Steven Pressfield says . . .

“The more important a call or action is to our soul\’s evolution, the more resistance we will feel . . . ..”

But, why would we hold back just as we\’re about to succeed in tasting the new, more fabulous life we\’ve so desired?

Well, precisely because it means transforming yourself to live in that new life, necessarily leaving behind the life you\’ve known behind. It doesn\’t mean tiny, little changes. It means big changes. It means changing your identity.

And that\’s HUGE!

So, are you ready to change your identity in order to have the large success you desire?

Are you ready to leave behind a lifestyle you\’ve outgrown?

Are you ready to know love and success like never before?

If you\’re answer is YES! . . . Congratulations!

But if you\’re not sure, here are a couple of key points to ponder:

1) In what ways did you grow up with Fear-And-Lack as your daily childhood companions? Give this serious consideration because it may not be immediately obvious.

And . . .

2) When you say “YES” to a larger, far more fabulous life than you know now, what kinds of guilt and betrayal will you have to wrestle with?

“The more important a call or action is to our soul\’s evolution, the more resistance we will feel . . . .”

The stakes are huge. Your fabulous future is calling you.

Will you claim the greatness of your soul\’s evolution?

We trust you\’ll say “YES”!


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