1. If you feel held back, stuck in a rut, blocked from the love and success you want, and you don\’t\’ know why – you are under the spell of what we call The Love Grip.

When we\’re too young to know the difference, we unwittingly give our innate love and loyalty to our parents and larger family, culture, neighborhood and church and thereby internalize their all too often limited and negative judgments of who we are.

Because we are largely unformed, we readily and without question believe what we are told about our lack of value, our incompetence, and our tiny place in the world.

Then, in order to keep that primary and primitive love in place, we call it The Love Grip, we have no choice but to stay true to that negation of our magnificence. And, what follows is an unconscious commitment to The Fear of Being Fabulous(tm).

Suffering under The Fear of Being Fabulous we cannot permit ourselves full and free expression of our talents, dreams, and imagination. We cannot pursue love relationships or success in the world that would contradict where we came from. However, we are scarcely aware of what we
are doing.

And the practical result is that what appears as a “failure” is actually a successful allegiance to the limitations that we took on as we accepted how we were treated.

So now, what commonly passes as self-sabotage is actually a success. The question is, at what?

But when you Overcome the Fear of Being Fabulous, you\’re then free to follow your intuition, your talent, your genius, to live the life of your dreams. It will require that you betray where you came from. And that\’s not so easy. Yet you must if you are to forgive those who didn\’t know better when they limited your idea of who you are. And you must if you are to forgive yourself for living in limitation all these years.

After all, true forgiveness can only occur when you\’ve lived through the injury of The Love Grip into The Freedom To Be Fabulous waiting for you on the other side.
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