December is such a reflective month. As the year end closes around me, I find myself daydreaming more and pondering on the events of the past 12 months. Mulling everything over; chewing the cud, meditating, rumin–okay, okay, enough beating of the dead horse. I did find out you can be bad all year and still get presents. How cool is that? Ahem…

Every year at this time, I go within. I think about all the work-related events of the past months and I measure my performance on a scale of 1-5. Sometimes I measure up to par then other times, I cheat. Hey, it\’s MY measuring system. But during this mull-a-ton, I also think about my children, and my children\’s children, and my closest of friends, and wonder if I\’ve been the best daughter, mother, grandmother, and buddy I could be.

I\’m not going to expound too terribly much this time (did I hear applause?), but I\’m going to say simply that this year has been a good one for me.

I have been blessed.

I\’ve watched my Mom battle breast cancer, congestive heart failure, and a multitude of other health concerns and WIN! I will never wonder wherein my strength lies; my courage, or my inspiration. And not only that, she constantly tells me I\’m funny. The woman is a saint. I call her Saint Betty of the Five Daughters.

I\’ve watched my grandchildren go from tossing spaghetti on the floor from their highchairs, to eating with a fork and spoon; in booster seats. The other was more entertaining. They\’ve taught me that no matter how much you dislike The Cat in the Hat, one can and will read it over and over…till one thinks of killing Dr. What\’s-his-name.

I\’ve watched my two sons grow into the roles of husband, friend, lover, father and provider as if they were slipping on a well-fit glove. Although I see them less, they\’re doing exactly what I, Mother Bird, wanted as I pushed them gently from the nest. They have built good lives; ones with plenty of love, understanding, and faith. In this crazy old world, I matter. They are proof.

I\’ve watched my friends as they\’ve re-created and re-invented their lives at Midlife and dared to follow their dreams, my own “midlife self” included. I\’ve been privileged to share not only in their greatest joys-but stood with them as they said their good-byes to loved ones. Unconditional love gave meaning to it all.

As 2007 ends, I feel confident and ready to meet 2008. I will do my best to be a better daughter, mother, “gan maw” and friend to those I love; and even those I don\’t. I will write more, laugh more, and “make nice.”

My final 2007 thought–is for you and yours. May you have a holiday season full of love, laughter, and peace.

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