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Travel Protections You Owe Yourself

June 20th, 2014

Travel Protections You Owe Yourself By Phyllis Stoller NABBW’s Group Travel Associate If you travel often, here are five ways you can better protect yourself and make your trips less expensive. Give yourself a higher level credit card with complete car insurance.  Compare what you paid for rental car insurance over several trips to what is included in a Platinum level Business Card.  Consider using UBER or Zipcar, if your travel needs are somewhere between lots of taxis and a rental car. Make sure the rental car you choose is properly equipped. We recommend the following: GPS system Auto... Read More

Tips for Inserting Kindness Into Your Travels

June 20th, 2014

True kindness is one of the wonderful traits women exhibit while traveling.  We see it even in women who were highly competitive in high school, merely friendly in college, and even those who wererarely known for being helpful in the work place. Kindness might be due to being away from home.  After all, daily irritations make us more brittle and it is harder to find our soft spots when in the middle of a plumbing disaster or job insecurity.  Kindness when leisure travel might be due to the fact that we are on vacation or when on business travel that we are on our best behavior. But there... Read More

Ten Tips for Choosing a Safe Hotel for Boomers

June 20th, 2014

Having just stayed at a very hip hotel in Los Angeles, I must say that boomer women like me need to look beyond hip for our hotel comfort. Here are a few tips from a tour operator who specializes in boomer women and their travels. 1-Do not go by hotel brand alone. Look through the hotel site for neighborhood information.  If you are an active boomer, you will want either a gym or good area to walk in…. in order to keep up your fitness. 2-Still unsure? Look at the street view of the hotel on Google Maps or other. Avoid hotels in financial districts, as they are dark at night. To save money, go... Read More