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Whether or Not You Can Join Us in Paris for the Holidays, Don’t Miss These Great Tips for Seniors Traveling on a Tight Budget

October 26th, 2015

By Phyllis Stoller,  NABBW’s Group Travel Associate I’ve some exciting news for you: The Women’s Travel Group  is offering a fabulous ‘Paris for the Holidays Tour’ December 21-28. We’d love for you to join us, and we still have a few seats left. BUT, whether you head off to Paris with us, or go later with friends, don’t miss these great money-saving travel pointers. For European travel stay within the Euro zone. France is a Euro based country and current rates are close to all time lows of 1.10. In addition, the economy is stagnant so many stores and restaurants... Read More

Widows: Your Wanderlust and Wishes

July 14th, 2015

By Phyllis Stoller NABBW’s Associate for Group Travel Please share with friends who have lost a partner! Let me start by saying these  thoughts come from talking to you out there and from my friends. Traveling as a widow is not the same kind of travel. It can still be a meaningful experience with highs, lows and new memories. Some women use women’s travel as part of ‘re-entry’ after losing a partner. Here is our site: www.thewomenstravelgroup.com for reference. Your home social circle talks to you with unwanted pity and empathetic glances.  In a travel group, no one knows your... Read More

Senior-focused Tips for Enjoying Summer Travel

April 15th, 2015

By Phyllis Stoller, NABBW’s Associate for Group Travel A few tips for traveling when you are older but not less adventurous. Summer brings crowds in airports and on the plane. Here are a few tips designed to help Seniors to survive the Summer crush: Bring some food for airport hunger. Some of the larger airports- Atlanta comes to mind, have much less food available than passengers who are hungry. Others are so large- Dallas for instance, that you might use up your available time just finding the gate. Alas water can only be purchased in the secure areas of airports but more stores sell... Read More

Age and Travel: Who Is Too Old For Group Travel? Probably Not You!!

February 2nd, 2015

By Phyllis Stoller NABBW’s Associate for Group Travel  We were again asked this week whether The Women’s Travel Group has an age limit on the upper end? As you know, we regularly travel with women aged from 30 on up. But potential first-time WTG travelers still regularly ask us what the health standards are — not just to come along, but join the tour and be assured that they will be able to have fun. To best answer these questions, since your physical capabilities — and each trip — are unique, we like to answer with a few questions of our own, which I’m including... Read More

Don’t Let Your Family’s Unfounded Safety Fears Stop You From Traveling. (Especially If Your Desire Is to Get Away For the Holidays But They’d Rather Eat Turkey At Your House!)

September 15th, 2014

By Phyllis Stoller NABBW’s Associate for Group Travel Everyone of us has, at some time in our lives, been “stifled/strong-armed” from doing something we love and thoroughly enjoy, by well-meaning family members who cite safety concerns. I recognized this recently, after I fell down 15 stairs in my beloved old house, which has steep, painted wooden steps. Everyone in my family had warned me about the perceived dangers of wooden stairs and and urged me to practice better “concentrated banister use.” They all fretted over my safety. Did I sell the house? Install an elevator?... Read More

Boomers Beware: Surviving the Heat of a Summer European Trip Takes Knowledge, Planning

July 8th, 2014

Boomers Beware:  Surviving the Heat of a Summer European Trip Takes Knowledge, Planning  By Phyllis Stoller NABBW\’s  Group  Travel Associate   Why so many of us go to Europe in the heat of the Summer is a puzzle.  Northern cities like Paris and London have temperatures above 90-degrees F. And Southern favorites like Rome, Barcelona, Madrid, and Athens frequently scorch in the Summer with  days in the 100’s. Here are a few tips to survive: European hotels do not always have strong air conditioning. When choosing, pick one that is new or newly renovated. Expect daytime air to be... Read More

Smart Packing Tips for a Comfortable Multi-Weather Trip

July 2nd, 2014

Smart Packing Tips for a Comfortable Multi-Weather Trip By Phyllis Stoller NABBW’s Group Travel Associate As airlines cut back on flights, travelers can expect to change planes somewhere en route. That somewhere might be a cold winter city while the ultimate destination is a summery Caribbean island. Examples of these combinations currently on The Women’s Travel Group Calendar are: India ~ (warm in October) with many of our travelers   stopping over in London or Paris (Europe’s Autumn and cool).  Sicily ~ Departing December 5th,  stopping over in Rome (coolish) and ending up in Palermo... Read More

Travel Protections You Owe Yourself

June 20th, 2014

Travel Protections You Owe Yourself By Phyllis Stoller NABBW’s Group Travel Associate If you travel often, here are five ways you can better protect yourself and make your trips less expensive. Give yourself a higher level credit card with complete car insurance.  Compare what you paid for rental car insurance over several trips to what is included in a Platinum level Business Card.  Consider using UBER or Zipcar, if your travel needs are somewhere between lots of taxis and a rental car. Make sure the rental car you choose is properly equipped. We recommend the following: GPS system Auto... Read More

Tips for Inserting Kindness Into Your Travels

June 20th, 2014

True kindness is one of the wonderful traits women exhibit while traveling.  We see it even in women who were highly competitive in high school, merely friendly in college, and even those who wererarely known for being helpful in the work place. Kindness might be due to being away from home.  After all, daily irritations make us more brittle and it is harder to find our soft spots when in the middle of a plumbing disaster or job insecurity.  Kindness when leisure travel might be due to the fact that we are on vacation or when on business travel that we are on our best behavior. But there... Read More

Ten Tips for Choosing a Safe Hotel for Boomers

June 20th, 2014

Having just stayed at a very hip hotel in Los Angeles, I must say that boomer women like me need to look beyond hip for our hotel comfort. Here are a few tips from a tour operator who specializes in boomer women and their travels. 1-Do not go by hotel brand alone. Look through the hotel site for neighborhood information.  If you are an active boomer, you will want either a gym or good area to walk in…. in order to keep up your fitness. 2-Still unsure? Look at the street view of the hotel on Google Maps or other. Avoid hotels in financial districts, as they are dark at night. To save money, go... Read More