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Articles by: Pat McHugh Lambert, Esq.

Time for Not Being Selfish

He had that look. That look that he was busy, rich and important. I could tell from the moment I walked into the plane that he thought he should be flying alone and certainly not in coach. He glared as each passenger walked down the aisle. We mere mortals were apparently holding him up from […]

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Commercial Leasing From the Landlord\’s Perspective

The terms of the lease will bind the parties for a considerable period of time and it is important, therefore, to carefully draft the lease up front. Also, often times, when the lease term is coming to an end and the parties want to negotiate an extension of the lease term, landlords are tempted to […]

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Home Buyers: Did You Know You\’re In The Real Estate Business?

When purchasing your first home, you viewed the home, submitted a contract, obtained financing, and attended closing. Four steps and you completed the most significant single acquisition of your life. Would you follow those same steps to acquire another home? With the second-and third-time buyer market consisting of $500,000-$700,000 (and greater) homes, I hope your […]

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Considerations Involved in the Sale of a Business

Business owners find themselves pondering a sale of their business for many reasons. Sometimes, it is because they really had not considered or developed a secession plan and, as they near retirement, a sale of the business can be a good and profitable option. In other cases, a secession plan has been developed, but just […]

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How To Look For A Lawyer

From Shakespeare to Jay Leno, lawyers are the subject jokes. According to the jokes, lawyers are unprincipled, lawyers over bill and lawyers too often tell clients what the client already knew. The truth is that some lawyers fall within this stereotypical characterization. Run away from these attorneys as fast as you can! There is another […]

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The Smart Business Women\’s Quick-Start Guide to Competitive Intelligence

If the term “competitive intelligence” is not familiar to you, you should learn about it right away. Competitive intelligence is a concept derived from the manufacturing industry and military strategy, two fields not traditionally associated with women. This concept is defined as “a systematic program for gathering and analyzing information about your competitors\’ activities and […]

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Name Confusion

I have known men to have names which generate confusion. One of the senior attorneys in my firm, a man named Leslie Stellman, has often been confused, sight unseen, for a woman. This means that when applying in 1968 to the Johns Hopkins University, he was informed that as a female, he was ineligible for […]

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Preparing for the Worst

I remember my first Christmas tree as a married woman. Spending the holidays away from my childhood home, my husband and I braved shopping center parking lots in search of the perfect Christmas tree. The tree we bought was beautiful—for two days at least. Then needles began dropping from the tree because neither my husband […]

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