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Welcome to the NABBW!

In the past, Dotsie used to mail new members a packet of information, primarily printed, which explained how to get the most from your membership. I am changing that to be delivered via email, so you get it faster. But it’s not quite ready to go yet. Look for it to hit your email before the end of the month. Meanwhile, this link ought to get you a good initial overview of your membership benefits: http://www.nabbw.com/benefits.php

As listed in that link (point 11 in the “Getting Started Guide,”) I encourage you to send in any news you want to share with your fellow members. This gets published in the Weekly Update, which comes out every Friday…

As you probably know, membership also includes a free subscription to MORE magazine, which comes to you in the mail, and GRAND magazine, which is delivered digitally. I’m working with both publications to improve our delivery system.

We are in the process of upgrading our web site, and I am hoping that will be completed within the next month. There will be many additional benefits for you once the new site goes live. Among them:

  • COMING SOON: Member blogs – and training on how to write an effective blog.
  • COMING SOON: An integrated member directory, which will allow you to list your areas of expertise and interest, as well as contact information. Beneficial, especially if you also offer a service, like coaching.

Meanwhile, we encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity to post articles to the NABBW website:

Should you be interested in submitting articles to share with your fellow NABBW members:

Look on the homepages of both sites under Member Articles for the NABBW and OUR VOICES, for the BoomerWomenSpeak.com site (these articles can be essays or stories, and submissions are open to the public), you\’ll see that the Guidelines are posted there. But let me give you a few pointers for submitting articles to the NABBW since we are in the middle of transitions (a totally new site will be live in July). They are:

1. NABBW Members can submit one article per month.

2. All articles must be instructional or “how-to” in context and should not be stories or essays; an exception would be humor.

3. Please follow the Guidelines which are provided for you HERE.

4. All articles should be error free, so please make sure you submit your best and final. We wish we had time to edit, but we just don\’t.

5. Once the article is approved, it will be posted and the author will be notified by us via email, and provided a link to the article. Feel free to use this link and share it with your audiences.

6. If an article is rejected, please read the “reason(s)” as it could simply be minor errors needing correction. If so, you may resubmit and send the article directly to georgia@nabbw.com

7. Very important! Articles without bios, web site links (if applicable), and the author\’s name/email address will not be accepted. Please include this info WITHIN a WORD DOCUMENT only, NOT in the body of an email.

8. Submissions should go to info@boomerwomenspeak.com The subject of the email should read “NABBW Article Submission.”

If you have authored a book, NABBW can be even more supportive.

As an author, you are eligible to receive the following:

  • A review of any book you author and send to us in our monthly newsletter, where it will be seen by our 7,000+ subscribers
  • The same book review posted to our NABBW site, which you can link to on Amazon.com or use in any other way you desire
  • The option for us to do a teleseminar together in which we can explore your topic of choice in an interview, and offer some sort of benefit to those listening on the call. Not to mention that all of our teleseminars are recorded, transcribed and archived, so NABBW members can listen to them at their convenience. (Note: we don’t guarantee to interview all our members for teleseminars, but we select our monthly interview subjects from among our members. And you don’t have to be an author to do a teleseminar. Just contact me if you have an idea for one, based on some area of your expertise. )
  • The opportunity to submit an article a month to be published on our site
  • Both sites are top-ranked with Google with regard to the keyword phrase “baby boomer women,” and Google actually considers the NABBW site to be the authority site on that phrase. Which means we get a lot of traffic – all people who are your ideal audience

Finally, be sure to visit the forums at http://boomerwomenspeak.com, you’ll find loads of people to chat with on a variety of topics (100’s of them), doubtless they will include discussions of interest to you.

We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial association, Sally!



PS There’s one more benefit you may be interested in. That’s the opportunity to be profiled in our blog, “The Voices of Baby Boomer Women.” If you’d like to be profiled, there, again, all you need do is contact me for more information…

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