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Our goal with the NABBW is to benefit you and help you live a better life. We\’re here to engage you, inspire you, make you think, and help you feel your best – physically, mentally, spiritually and financially. Our goal is to encourage you – not just to dream of what your future might be — but to share “networking opportunities” that will help you fulfill your dreams.

In that spirit, we\’ve just introduced a major site redesign intended to make the site easier to use – and to put your favorite topics where they’re easier for you to find.  We hope you like the changes we\’ve made – but we\’re not done yet. Very shortly you\’ll be seeing more:

  • We’ll be introducing new multimedia elements, both audio and video  – to reflect your passion, energy and positive, “can-do” attitude.
  • We’re adding member blogs – as a paid member of the NABBW you\’ll be able to have your own personal blog on a topic you’re passionate about. I can’t wait to see what you will choose to blog about…
  • Finally our member directory will be redesigned to make it easier for you to network with other members based on your areas of interest and your geographic location

We’ve added a handful of new Associates — experts who provide monthly content on topics of interest to you — while maintaining all your favorite experts from the past.

Among the new Associates:

  • Life Reinvention Expert – Karen Batchelor
  • Boomer Women’s Fitness Expert – Lisa Byrne
  • Philanthropy Expert – Margaret May Damen
  • Entrepreneurial Authoring Expert – Ronda Del Boccio
  • Healthy Humor Expert –  Leigh Anne Jasheway
  • Boomer Women Sexuality Expert – Dr. Dorree Lynn
  • Journaling Expert – Erica Miner
  • Women and Work Expert – Dumont Gerkin Owen, PhD
  • Thrifting Expert – Barb Tobias

Our continuing Associates are too many to list here, but they include:

  • Natalie Caine – Empty Nest
  • Barbara Friesner – Eldercare
  • Diane MacEachern – Going Green
  • Judith Sherven – Healthy Relationships
  • Donna Shepherd – Inspiration
  • Sherrie Mathieson – Fashion
  • Jed Diamond, PhD, LSCW – Male Menopause
  • Jan Cullinane – The New Retirement

Finally, we’ll be adding more new Associates in the near future, as I have identified several areas of interest to Baby Boomer Women which we’re not covering right now. Perhaps you know of someone – maybe you? — who would be perfect as our NABBW expert on:

  • Arts and Entertainment
  • Dating
  • Food and Drink
  • Fashion and Beauty
  • Home and Garden
  • Technology and the Web
  • Pets

Hopefully you\’re now convinced you now that you can’t afford NOT to belong to the NABBW. We’re here for you every day in so many valuable ways.

Join NABBW Now!

If You’re Still “On the Fence” About the Value of your NABBW Membership, Here Are a Few More Powerful Benefits and Services Your NABBW Membership Brings You:

  • 52 information-packed weekly issues of the NABBW “Weekly Update,” which comes to you by email and features articles, member news, useful web links and teleseminar information.
  • 12 meaty, issues of our monthly e-newsletter, “Boomer Women’s World,” complete with my monthly editorial, profiles of members and associates, opportunity to participate in our fascinating monthly surveys, links to articles provided by our Associates, member news and more.
  • 36 issues of “Our Voices,” the NABBW blog, which features profiles of members, who answer 20 fascinating questions. Want to be included? Join now and let us send you the questions. You\’ll  be profiled before you know it!
  • Book reviews – Have a book you\’ve authored? Let us know. We offer to review all paid member\’s books and the reviews are posted on the NABBW.com site, as well as in our monthly newsletter, Boomer Women\’s World, AND on Amazon.com…
  • Member news – All paid members enjoy the opportunity to “toot your horn” in Boomer Women\’s World and our weekly Member Update. GREAT free publicity!
  • Member Articles – We offer you the opportunity for you to send us an article once a month, which we publish it to the NABBW or Boomer Women Speak website. What a wonderful way to market yourself and your services!
  • Social Media – Social media tools like Twitter, FaceBook and LinkedIn are powerful tools and we use them effectively. If you have news to share, let us know so we can promote you through our social media connections.

Joining is easy!

Finally, if there is some reason why you have decided not to join NABBW, I would like to know about it. Please take a few minutes to send me an email telling me about your concern, or call me at 1-888-BOOMERZ.

We\’ve redesigned NABBW with the goal of benefitting ALL Baby Boomer Women, and if there\’s something missing, I\’d like to know about it!


Anne L. Holmes

PS Once you review all of our benefits and services, I am sure you will agree with NABBW member Carolyn Howard-Johnson, author of the “How to Do It Frugally” book series, who says, “My NABBW membership is the best value out there. Considering the huge value received on my extremely small investment, it can’t be beat.” Don’t delay, join NABBW today!

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