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  1. Who founded the National Association of Baby Boomer Women and how is NABBW associated with Boomer Women Speak?

    Dotsie Bregel was the original founder, starting it all in 2002 to give baby boomer women a voice. She quickly learned that her generation of women desires to feel educated and empowered. A seed was planted through prayer to launch an association dedicated to inspiring women to explore their passions and live life to the fullest.

    In early 2010 Dotsie sold the two sister sites, www.BoomerWomenSpeak.com and www.NABBW.com to current “Boomer in Chief,” Anne Holmes, and her husband Steve. They are the owners of several other Baby Boomer-focused websites, including BoomerCo Inc., Boomer Women\’s World, Boomers Magazine, Boomer Lifestyle and Boomer Domains.

  2. What are the benefits of joining NABBW?

    Please visit our member benefits page and Reason To Join NABBW.

  3. Who are the NABBW Associates?

    NABBW Associates are a panel of experts assembled by NABBW who are willing to offer a wealth of advice concerning women\’s issues for NABBW members. All associates are passionate about encouraging and supporting baby boomer women.

  4. How much are the annual dues?

    The annual dues are $75.00. Boomer Women Speak forum members with over one hundred posts may join for a discounted price of $50.00. You may pay by credit card, personal check or money order. To join, simply click here!

  5. How do I use the networking forums offered to association members?

    Simply click on this link and register for the Booomer Women Speak forums.

  6. How do I access the Members Only section?

    To access the Members Only section initially, you:

    • Login by typing your use the username and password into the boxes at the top of this page and clicking the “Log In” button
    • Click on the Members Only button in the main navigation. There are also many sub-pages to explore.
  7. How do members listen to the FREE teleseminars?

    Members will receive information prior to the upcoming seminars so they can be on the call. However, all past teleseminars are archived in our Members Only section of the site. All can be listened to through the audio link or downloaded for later listening. If you prefer to read, many teleseminars are transcribed and can be printed and read at your convenience.

  8. How do I access the free law, financial, domestic violence, and sexual abuse advice offered by NABBW?

    You will find email addresses on the Members Only page that you simply click to ask your legal, finance, domestic violence, and sexual abuse questions.

  9. How do I receive discounted midlife coaching, hotels, flowers, gifts and services, as well as the free advice offered by some of NABBW’s Associates?

    The contacts for all the discounts are listed on the Members Only page.

  10. How do I make the most of my NABBW membership?

    The best way to make the most of your membership is by using our Getting Started with the NABBW document that is emailed to you upon joining. Consider networking with our Member Directory. One great contact can change the course of your life if that‘s what you’re looking for, or it can enhance what you are already doing. Post in our forums, read our expert columns, use our discounted products, read our free magazines about women at midlife, seek free advice, and get involved. The association is here for you. Please use it and make it worth your while. We want you to explore your passions and live life to the fullest. That is our dream for all baby boomer women!

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