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The following is a list of our media opportunities for the past nine months. In addition to these, founder Dotsie Bregel continues to write columns about boomer women in:

  • Boomer: For Central Iowa\’s Active Adults
  • Boomer: Today\’s Generation
  • WomenScope: The Newspaper for Intelligent Women.

Dotsie is a contributor to me* magazine.
Dotsie is a columnist at Passionate for Life

Dotsie continues to blog at

  • Dotsie was interviewed by Stephen Reily of www.vibrantnation.com. To read the interview, click HERE.
  • Dotsie was interviewed by NABBW Member Rosie Horn of Rosie\’s Boomer Review. To listen to the interview, click HERE!
  • CBS The Early Show invited the NABBW to attend their show while in town with Bradley Bayou, designer for the stars and author of “The Science of Sexy.” To view pieces of the segment go HERE or to view my personal slides of the event, go HERE.
  • Dotsie appeared on ABC\’s Internet show, Top Priority where the topic was “Midlife and Depression.” Click HERE and then select “The Middle Age Slump” on the left-hand side of the page.
  • Dotsie was part of a group discussion on “How to Market Your Book” Denny Griffin\’s show on Blog Talk Radio.
  • Dotsie was interviewed by Regina Forte on her show, Making Your Money Last on radio station WCBM.
  • The NABBW was mentioned in The Philadelphia Business Journal. The article was titled, Magazine Speaks to Women of a Certain Age, by Peter Van Allen.
  • Dotsie was interviewed by Debbie Nigro in The Heartland Brewery (corner of 5th and 34th St.) in The Empire State Building for an upcoming relaunch of the FirstWivesWorld Web site which will host an internet show, www.firstwivesworld.com. It is a project which coincides with the Broadway show, The First Wives Club which is now in development.
  • Dotsie was on the WBAL AM 1090 radio show in Baltimore, MD at 8:00 am on December 2nd. www.wbal.com
  • Lower Hudson Online journalist Susan Felt mentions Dotsie Bregel, Boomer Women Speak, and the National Association of Baby Boomer Women in her article, Internet businesses are booming ? for baby boomers on November 4, 2007. The article can be read at this link.
  • Dotsie attended the International Business Women Conference, IBWC, at the Marriott Hotel, Key Bridge, Washington, DC, Nov 1-4 where she moderated a panel discussion Boomer Women: Who We Are, Where We\’ve Been, Where We\’re Going.
  • Dotise was one of seven people invited to the first ever Hallmark Inc. Blogger Conference to share a voice on behalf of boomers. Read more about it at this link.
  • Dotsie was interviewed by Dr. Nancy O\’Reilly, PsyD from the Timeless WomenSpeak radio show.
  • Dotsie, along with the NABBW and Boomerwomenspeak.com were mentioned in an article titled, INTERNET BOOM(ERS): A generation embraces, and is embraced by, the Web, by journalist Susan Felt of The Arizona Republic on Oct. 6, 2007. To read the article online, click here.
  • Dotsie was interviewed by journalist Cathy Shouse, for The Star Press in Muncie, Indiana. The title of the article was Boomer Women Support Each Other Online.
  • Dotsie was made an “official” member of the Baby Boomer Diva Web of Fame at www.enjoyyourmenopause.com
  • Dotsie was interviewed about the lives of boomer women on the Canadian radio show, Just Between Us, Just Between Us.
  • Dotsie was featured in the weekly newsletter hosted by www.thethreetomatoes.com in New York City. It\’s the site for women who aren\’t kids.
  • Dotsie aired on WFLA in Orlando, Florida with Marc Middleton on his Growing Bolder radio show for boomers. www.540wfla.com/main.html
  • Dotise appeared on the Daily Cafe show, Retirement Living Channel in Washington, DC. The discusson was about the importance of the BOOOMER WOMEN SPEAK forum community and how it brings women across the globe together to chat about their lives, their jobs, and their families. How sharing with each other has helped many women to face the obstacles thrown in their path, and to teach as well as learn from one another. To heal. The segment will soon be live on this site; so be sure tocheck back. Retirement Living.
  • Dotsie was quoted in the article, “Will Boomer Women Accept Martha?” posted on the Media Bristo Web site here!
  • Dotsie also spoke with a writer for More magazine about an upcoming article about health care for midlife women. Watch here for details!
  • The Chattanooga Times Free Press featured BWS and the NABBW in an article written by Anne P. Braly titled, What Boomer Women Want on July 16, 2007.
  • Smart Woman magazine had a feature article about Dotsie Bregel, written by Fern Shen and titled, Live, From Towson, It\’s the Global Kaffeeklatsch in the July/August publication.
  • Dotise appeared on the Daily Cafe show, Retirement Living Channel in Washington, DC. She aired on the show twice. Once to discuss the empty next and again to talk about what boomer women want. Both segments will soon be live on this site; so be sure tocheck back. Retirement Living.
  • Dotsie was on the ABC internet show Top Priority for the Role Reversal week long segment hosted by ABC and USA Today.
  • Dotsie also had a video included in the ABC Talk Back, Internet News giving boomer women a voice concerning the Role Reversal segment hosted by ABC and USA Today. She shared information about caring for our aging parents.
  • CBS wrote an online article about sites for baby boomer women and included www.boomerwomenspeak.com.
  • Dotsie was a guest on the WomanTalk Live radio show broadcast on WVIE 1370AM in Baltimore. The show is co-hosted by NABBW members, Ginny Robertson of Live Your Life On Purpose and Ann Quasman of Living in Your Heart.
  • Dotsie was interviewed by Kate Sanner at www.vivacitynow.com.
  • Dotsie was interviewed by journalists from Newsday, The Arizona Republic and the Chattanooga Times Free Press for upcoming articles about boomer women.
  • The 50+ Marketing Report featured the article Site Offers Boomer Women a Voice in their June publication. Visit Selling to Seniors at this link:
    Site Offers Boomer Women a Voice
  • Leigh Anne Jasheway-Bryant, “The Accidental Comic,” and host of the popular radio show, Women Under the Influence of Laughter interviewed Dotsie.
  • Dotsie was interviewed by Raven Blair Davis about boomer women, “Where We\’ve Been, Where We Are and Where We\’re Going.” Interview.
  • Serene Mastrianni and Dr. Jan Stefanacci Seward interviewed Dotsie on WBCR-LP 97.7 in Great Barrington ,MA. To learn more about the show you can visit them at this link:
  • Lillian and Dave Brummet interviewed Dotsie on their radio show Conscious Discussions. The topic was Living with Passion and Purpose at Midlife. Interview.
  • Founder Dotsie Bregel was interviewed by the Baltimore Sun reporter, Linell Smith. The entire article, Site gives voice to concerns of boomer women: The Middle Ages , can be read by clicking Baltimore Sun
  • Founder Dotsie Bregel was interviewed by journalist in the following newspapers:
    Arizona Republic
    Chicago Tribune
    Palm Beach Post – included Top Ten Things Boomer Women Want in 2007 in news article.
    St. Louis Dispact
  • Founder Dotsie Bregel also had articles published or was mentioned in the following magazines:
    Prince George\’s Suite – included an article about NABBW in their March/April issue.
    Central Iowa BOOMER – Dotsie had article about Baby Boomer Women at Midlife and two book reviews in their Spring 2007 issue.
  • Founder Dotsie Bregel was a member of a Panel Expert Discussion, “How to Make Your Dreams Come True” with On Purpose Networking for Women.
  • Kim Kabar in her article Change Ahead published in the LA Times
  • West Los Angeles Living published Dotsie\’s article about boomer women at midlife.
  • Yan Barcelo interviewed Dotsie for the Canadian magazine, Revue
  • Carol Sorgen included the NABBW in her article Boomers and Beyond Meet Online published in The Beacon.
  • Ginny Robertson, Founder of On Purpose Networking included Dotsie\’s article about boomer women in her On Purpose Women magazine.
  • LA Times and the Beacon newspapers.
  • Founder Dotsie Bregel also had articles published in the West Los Angeles Living
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