Tuesday - January 28, 2020


Dr. Marie Langworthy Transforming Retirement

In my former life as an educator, supervisor, and administrator, I identified underachieving adults, empowered them, turned them loose, and watched them grow professionally. Now in my 21st century life I have created a new niche, 'shifting gears' with my own on-line business, Super Writing Services, (www.superwritingservices.com), where I work at my love/hate gift and passion for writing.

As New Cabady Press editor-in-chief, I specialize in the grueling 'spit and polish' process of word-smithing the potential next 'great American Pulitzer Prize literary piece' ... or ... a future New York Times best seller beach book! Not one to shy away from multitasking, I also teach a variety of adult ed courses throughout Connecticut, and continue to supervise future teachers with the University of New Haven's School of Education.

In the meantime, I admit that I'm still 'a work in progress' - trying to figure out what I'll do if and when I grow up and grow old. I 'shoulda, woulda, coulda' become a film editor or a cartographer! In the meantime, I continue to welcome the adventure of each new day.

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