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With the launch of, Dotsie Bregel began her journey of uniting, encouraging, and supporting boomer women on a daily basis. Within the walls of her community forum, members help one another resolve life’s conflicts with creativity, kindness, and inclusion no longer having to live in exclusion and silence. With more than 60 forums, women gather together from across the states and other countries to discuss emotions and issues that bond them into a generation. They discuss health concerns, changing career paths, empty nest blues, and inspiration that nurtures and strengthens their individual and collective souls.

In 2005, Bregel formed the National Association of Baby Boomer Women, developing an abundant membership package including an electronic resource library with 50 plus teleseminars on relevant topics spanning from facelifts, eldercare support, boomerangs, grandparenting tips and menopause health, to financial advice, entrepreneurship tactics, publishing guidance and even finding midlife purpose. There’s a caring panel of experts that enlighten and encourage women to grow stronger and more knowledgeable about the challenges they face as they age and seek to rearrange their lives. The association promotes a sense of belonging and offers promotional opportunities, discounts on coaching, travel, skin care and more, plus networking on a personal and professional level.
Bregel has become a sought after expert on Boomer women’s issues, publishing newsletters and stories about her experiences, offering her insights on national television shows and radio broadcasts and speaking at seminars and trade shows that focus on her generation of women.

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