Tuesday - May 11, 2021

Tips for Getting Eldercare – And Your Life – Under Control

December 1st, 2005

Because eldercare is often unexpected, intermittent (at least initially), and always unpredictable, few of us realize the time and toll it\’s taking on us personally in terms of money, relationships, and peace of mind – to mention nothing of our sanity! It\’s also difficult to accurately predict the true length of our commitment. In fact, according to the 1999 MetLife Mature Market Institute Study, a majority of those anticipating 1 to 2 years of caregiving actually spent 4 or more years providing care. Add to that all the complicated bureaucratic and legal restrictions, such as... Read More

De-Mystifying “Vicky-D\’s”

October 1st, 2005

“My mother expects me to take care of her, even though I have a husband, children, and a job. But she\’s SO grateful when my brother calls once a month!” “When I ask my parents about their health they freak out and shut down!” “All I did was mentioned to my father that I\’d like to help him with the finances and suddenly the conversation took a dark turn. Now he won\’t even speak to me!” “Taking care of the house is overwhelming my mother but she won\’t even talk about getting help or moving.” Sound familiar? Frustrating? If so, you\’re... Read More